Wanted Posters

I’m sorry, I surrender!  Apparently, starting a blog during the middle of university assignments was a bad idea.  And unfortunately, I’m going to [at the very least, should] be pretty busy over the next two weeks.  I shall still post, but many of them will be very simple, quick and easy tasks and crafts by others.  Do not be put off, I have a lot in store for this blog I’m not ready to discard yet.

I do have the idea though, of papering some walls in posters as you see in Hogsmeade (and all the Educational Decrees, Gryffindor Common Room Notices, etc).  These are so simple because they just require a printer and some blu-tac!

I thought I’d start off with some Wanted Posters, courtesy of JACK5555 on the Harry Potter Wiki.  These were the highest quality posters I could find and I think they’ll look great (even if the pictures don’t move… :()




No Death Eaters will go unnoticed in this house…not that Harry’s a Death Eater or anything.

Edit: Check out more posters here, including Sirius Black!

~ by acciomagic on September 6, 2011.

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