Trivia – The Easy, The Medium and the Hard

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This was something I left until the last week before my party, because as much as I love Harry, and I love doing trivia quizzes – coming up with the questions myself?  I hated it!  And I would Google for questions and would come up with such a range of movie/book easy/hard questions, in the end I decided to split the trivia into three parts – easy, medium and hard.  Honestly, for someone like me, these were all ridiculously too easy. 😛 But I had to account for the fact that many of my guests had only seen the films, and some family members had seen none at all.  So I began with the easy – multiple choice questions that anyone could answer or guess at – no excuses (admittedly I did take the chance to make a few of these hard – multiple choice, come on!).  The medium questions would have been answerable by anyone that had paid attention to all the movies, and the hard questions were optional for additional points for the hardcore fans.  Don’t want to come up with your own questions?  Check out the ones I used below!  Answers will be at the end of each section in case you want to quiz yourself.

Siriusly Easy

1.  In Philosopher’s Stone, how does Hagrid bring Harry to #4 Privet Drive?

a.  Apparition
b.  Floo Powder
c.  By motorcycle
d.  He doesn’t, Dumbledore does

2.  What is Professor Gilderoy Lockhart’s favourite colour?

a.  Ocean blue
b.  Magenta
c.  Lavender
d.  Lilac

3.  Who did the Sorting Hat originally belong to?

a.  Salazar Slytherin
b.  Albus Dumbledore
c.  The first Headmaster of Hogwarts
d.  Godric Gryffindor

4.  What frees Dobby?

a.  A diary
b.  A key
c.  A smelly sock
d.  A penknife that can open any lock

5.  What colour is the Knight Bus?

a.  black
b.  purple
c.  red
d.  yellow

6.  What spells does Mad-Eye Moody demonstrate in the Defence Against the Dark Arts classroom?

a.  The 3 Forbidden Curses
b.  The 3 Illegal Curses
c.  The 3 Unforgiveable Curses
d.  The 3 Unjustified Curses

7.  What is Luna Lovegood’s patronus?

a.  Hare
b.  Horse
c.  Eagle
d.  Otter

8.  Which characters share the same day and month of death?

a.  Gregory Goyle and Lavender Brown
b.  Cedric Diggory and Barty Crouch Junior
c.  Peter Pettigrew and Griphook
d.  Nearly Headless Nick and James and Lily Potter

9.  Who of the following is not a member of the Slug Club?

a.  Blaise Zabini
b.  Draco Malfoy
c.  Cormac McLaggen
d.  Ginny Weasley

10.  Before Harry gains control of it, who is the master of the Elder Wand?

a.  Albus Dumbledore
b.  Severus Snape
c.  Draco Malfoy
d.  Lord Voldemort

1 – C; 2 – D; 3 – D; 4 – C; 5 – B; 6 – C; 7 – A; 8 – D; 9 – B; 10 – C

Peevishly Challenging                                                 

11.  What is Dumbledore’s full name?

12.  Name everyone in the Weasley family.

13.  Draw a picture of the Deathly Hallows symbol.  Identify the three components.

14.  What dragon does Fleur have to fight in the first task of the Triwizard Tournament?

15.  What is the name of the Weasley’s Twins’ Joke Shop and where is it located?

16.  Name the spell used to produce fire.

17.  How many lives are saved when Harry and Hermione use the time turner to go back in time?  Who are they?

18.  What primary position does Ginny Weasley play in Quidditch?

19.  What brand of car does Mr Weasley purchase and bewitch to make it fly?  What other muggle items does he collect?

20.  Name 5 Death Eaters.

11 – Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore; 12 – Arthur, Molly, Bill, Charlie, Percy, Fred, George, Ron, Ginny; 13 – The triangle for the invisibility cloak, the circle for the resurrection stone, the line for the elder wand; 14 – Common Welsh Green; 15 – Weasley Whizard Wheezes in Diagon Alley; 16 – Incendio; 17 – Two, Sirius Black and Buckbeak; 18 – Chaser; 19  – Ford Anglia, plugs and batteries; 20 – Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy, Greyback, Amycus and Alecto Carrow, Barty Crouch Jnr, Bellatrix Lestrange, Scabior, Yaxley. Full List.

Riddikulusly Hard

21.  How many knuts are in a sickle and how many sickles are in a galleon?

22.  How much does a Firebolt cost?

23.  What is the number one must dial to get into the Ministry of Magic from the visitor’s entrance?

24.  Name 5 creatures studied in Care of Magical Creatures.

25.  Name the jinx that is capable of slowing down an object or individual, effectively immobilizing them for a short period of time.

26.  What food did Dumbledore order during the Yule Ball?

27.  The Three Brothers come from what pureblood family?  Bonus points:  What are their names?

28.  What are the four colour-coded candies in the Weasley Skiving Snackboxes, sweets to make you ill and get you out of class?

29.  Name 7 Hufflepuffs.

30.  In Philosopher’s Stone, before the Start of Term feast, Dumbledore welcomes the school and has a few short words to say.  What are they?

21 – 29 knuts in a sickle, 17 sickles in a galleon; 22 – Unknown, price on request; 23 – 62442 “MAGIC”; 24 – Hippogriffs, Flobberworms, Salamanders, Blast-Ended Skrewts, Nifflers, Unicorns, Thestrals, Bowtruckles, Crups, Fire Crabs, Knarls, Kneazles, Porlocks; 25 – Impedimenta; 26 – Pork chops ; 27 – Antioch, Cadmus and Ignotus Peverell; 28 – Puking Pastilles, Nosebleed Nougats, Fever Fudge and Fainting Fancies; 29 – Helga Hufflepuff, Fat Friar, Prof Sprout, Prof Kettleburn, Newt Scamander, Tonks, Cedric, Ernie, Justin, Hannah, Susan, Zacharias, Leanne; 30 – Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!

Skiving Snackbox – Here at last!

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I want to show you something I’ve been very excited to share with you for months!  My Weasley Wizard Wheezes Skiving Snackbox.  You may recall my terribly failed attempt here.  Seriously, it was a disaster and has since been thrown out.  It took 3 tries before I got it right – and it ended up turning out completely perfect!  I absolutely ADORE it and couldn’t be happier with it.  Lookie!!! 😀 Click for larger view.

(Surrounding Weasley items courtesy of members from The RPF)

Movie reference pictures:


Full view, Top of boxes, Logo, Fever Fudge/Fainting Fancies close up, Side view, Different side view/sizing, Prop on display

Fan-made replicas: ChandlerDoc, chocobowonder, Curious Goods, fangirlstuff, laurencimorellibow, LittleWooStudio, She Creates Stuff

Personally, I’m not one to work with a lot of clay, or at all really; and most of the fan-made ones I found were using real food (recipes here) or clay sculptures – which, to me, looked very fake.  Too smooth, too flat, and not enough texture.  That isn’t to say miniature clay sculptures won’t work, I think if done correctly, they can look fantastic and incredibly edible, but the ones I found in my searches for Skiving Snackboxes just didn’t look right to me.  I wanted the look and feel of the OOTP movie as closely as possible.  There have been a number of different versions of the Skiving Snackbox – from the above reference pictures you’ll see one has the Weasley W logo on all sides of the box, one only has it on top; then there’s the different ones from the Film Wizardry advertisement (here), and of course the new and improved red box from the Studio Tour (here).  The candies also changed – from the Puking Pastilles referenced above, to the ones available at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  But I decided to go for the original look, with only the one W logo on top, and went about way of creating fake candies with the supplies I had available.

Pic 446

Firstly, what exactly is a Skiving Snackbox?  They were a product from Weasley Wizard Wheezes, described as a range of sweets to make you ill – not seriously ill, just enough to get you out of trouble.  They were described in the books as coming in two colour-coded parts.  Eating one side would make you ill, while the other would cure you.  Puking Pastilles were described as orange and purple, while in the movie they were green and purple.  The others weren’t described in colour, but as I was going off the movie version anyway, this didn’t really matter to me.  Check out more information on the Wiki.

So, you want to know how to make your own?  I have written out a very extensive tutorial on how to make the box and the sweets.  This is available to download below, as I know things can end up quite small, lengthy, and hard to read on this blog.  Everything you need to know is listed in the document, including relevant templates.  Enjoy 🙂 All comments very much appreciated.

Download the file:  hpskivingsnackbox.doc (1.57 MB)

[You will need the following fonts to view the document properly: Lumos, Complete in Him, Blue Highway Linocut, Pupcat and MisterEarl BT]

Pic 445

Pic 442

Pic 441

Pic 443

Pic 444

I have enough cardboard to make at least two more of these, and as such I am debating selling them.  Due to the amount of time and effort put into these, I likely wouldn’t sell for under $20-$25 (exc. postage).  How much would you be willing to pay for something like this? 🙂 Let me know in the comments below.

Marauder’s Map – Birthday Signatures!

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Big birthday numbers – 18, 21, whatever the case may be – will often result in people getting wooden numbers, books, or keys for guests to sign short birthday messages on.  But I was having a Harry Potter party!  And I wasn’t having none of that.  No, I wanted my guests to sign a Marauder’s Map.  My Marauder’s Map.  Made from scans of the original as seen in Page to Screen, and edited to my liking.  Turned out great on some of the left over parchment paper I had from my invitations.  (Glued together, you can see the joins in the second picture).  And of course, I wasn’t having my guests sign with just any old pen, but a beautiful handmade quill, purchased from Whimsic Alley.  While I had the base of the map down, it wasn’t completed until after I had all of my RSVPs back from my invitations, because I also preprinted everyone’s names into miniature scrolls (from screenshots of the PoA credits).  Everyone then signed their messages under their scrolls, in the space provided, and had some fun practicing their quill-writing skills!  While most people tended to keep their messages short and sweet owing to the amount of space given, and the slight difficulty in getting used to the feel of the quill, it is a beautiful piece to look back on and bring back memories from my party 🙂

Owing to the nature of the scanned images, personalised front, fitted scroll-names and difficult folding/piecing together, I will not be posting a template up just yet, although it may be something I consider in the future.  I may also consider selling a similar design if anyone is interested 🙂

Hermione’s Beaded Bag Scavenger Hunt

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Okay, so my nighttime candlelit scavenger hunt didn’t quite work out.  And as much as I love the idea of finding potion ingredients, or the likes of which around the garden, I was not having the party at my house and I didn’t think it would be very courtesy to have people trooping through gardens and plants hunting for objects unless it was my own home – that, and you have to have a pretty big garden with lots of nice hiding spaces to do so!   I wanted to keep the scavenger hunt interesting for my adult party, with some harder-to-find items that required thought and teamwork, for it was to be completed within house groups.  There weren’t multiple quantities of each item, except for the galleons, sickles and knuts, so it really was a race to see which house would come back with the most items first.  Each house group were given checklists of the items they had to find, and I had one main checklist I would use for crossing off what items had been found.  I ended up choosing a Deathly Hallows theme, and you’re welcome to use some of my ideas!  Of course, there may be a few things you need to make or obtain before hand though!  What I really would’ve loved to have had was the replica of Hermione’s Beaded Bag, but alas, I had to draw the line somewhere.  Be sure to check out the RPF.

Hermione’s Beaded Bag

 Oh no!  During the hunt for horcruxes, Harry, Ron, and Hermione were attacked by a couple of snatchers.  They escaped without harm, but the contents of Hermione’s beaded bag have spilled open and items have been scattered everywhere.  Can you find all of the missing items?

  • The Tales of Beedle the Bard – Amazon
  • The Monster Book of Monsters – Amazon
  • Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore
  • Fake Locket with R.A.B note – eBay
  • Essence of Dittany
  • Polyjuice Potion
  • 1 photograph of James & Lily Potter, dancing
  • 1 photograph of James & Lily Potter, with baby Harry
  • 1 photograph of the original Order of the Phoenix
  • 7 Galleons, 3 Sickles and 15 Knuts – Template
  • Phineas Nigellus Black’s Portrait
  • Harry’s Backpack
  • Marauder’s Map
  • Golden Snitch – eBay
  • 2 pages from Harry’s notebook – Movie reference, my replica

The document below contains the checklist all ready to edit, print and cut up in boxes.

Download the file:  scavengerhunt.doc (69 KB)

[You will need the following fonts to view the document properly: Magical Me/Parry Hotter]

Birthday Banner/Bunting/Garland

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Yes, here I am again!  Can’t believe I have not made a post yet about the incredibly exciting news of the new film series – Fantastic Beasts 😀 And if you don’t know about that yet, seriously, you’re living under a rock.  Or the stairs.  Probably the latter.  OMG I CAN’T WAIT!!! 😀 I was fangirling for at least an hour after I found out the news.   I honestly hope that this movie will shine more of a positive light on Hufflepuffs, because of our very own Newt Scamander.

Enough of that.   Parties! Parties can’t be complete without the birthday banner, right?  Or bunting.  Or garland.  Yeah, yeah, whatever you want to call it. 😛  Very simple.

Step 1.  Print (optional: print on coloured paper)
Step 2.  Cut
Step 3 (Optional).  Glue to coloured paper
Step 4.  Fold
Step 5.  Tape down flap
Step 6.  Hang

Download the file: hpbunting.doc (84 KB)

[You will need the following fonts to view the document properly: Lumos]

House mascot stencils found at The Leaky Cauldron.

Pass the Parcel Potter Style

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Who cares if I’m 21?  I wanted to play Pass the Parcel, dammit!  However, unlike when you play the game when you’re little and your parents control the music and watch the parcel-opening and try and pause the music so everyone gets a turn; I wanted to be in charge of the music, and I wanted to make sure it was entirely random, and that there was no guarantee whether or not you would get a prize.  To spice things up a bit, I had two different parcels going around (both started off covered in brown paper tied up with string), so every time the music stopped, two people got to open a layer.  Inside each was either a prize, a forfeit, or both.  When it came to the final prize, there was only one real main prize, they were all well enjoyed.

I also wanted to get creative… and wrap every single layer differently!  Some had plain wrapping, some were print outs I’d made of certain things that I didn’t end up using for whatever reason, whether they were wrongly sized or blurred.  Below are pictures of each prize and wrapping, and the messages that went with every layer, from first to last!  Naturally, with 7 being the most magical number, there were 7 layers for each.  Feel free to take ideas 🙂 Click on the images for a larger preview.

Parcel 1                            Parcel 2

parcel1 parcel1a

1:  Professor Snape is breathing down your neck.  Describe three potions and their uses.
2:  (No forfeit)

parcel2 parcel2a

1:  Hagrid says the trick with any beast is to know how to calm him.  Hum or whistle part of Hedwig’s Theme for 30 seconds.
2:  Madam Malkin’s is having a sale!  Throw the parcel to someone wearing a robe or cloak.

parcel3 parcel3a

1:  Professional McGonagall is in a good mood.  Share this prize with someone else in your house.
2:  There’s a boggart in the closet!  What really finishes a boggart is laughter.  Share something funny that has happened with you and the birthday girl.

parcel4 parcel4a

1:  End of year exams are coming up!  Describe the correct pronunciation and wand movement of the levitation charm or the ability to make objects fly.
2:  (No prize) Oh no!  Your parcel has been intercepted by Filch!  Throw the parcel to the person opposite you.

parcel5 parcel5a

1:  Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.
2:  How well do you know your character?  In 60 seconds, tell us their story.  If you aren’t dressed up as a character, make one up or choose from the list below:  Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Neville Longbottom, Draco Malfoy.

parcel6 parcel6a

1:  Tongue Twister!  Fred and George have dad you to say the following phrase 10x as fast for 15 seconds:  Babbling, bumbling band of baboons.
2:  The Weird Sisters are in town!  Sing a song on WrockStar!

parcel7 parcel7a

1:  (No forfeit)
2:  (No forfeit)

Hope this helps with your next game of Pass the Parcel!  Tutorials can be found on this blog on how to make the house bracelets, book necklaces and notepads. 🙂

And so the Hufflepuff fell in love…

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…with the Ravenclaw.

As some of you may recall, I briefly mentioned this earlier at the very start of the year.  As of today, we’ve now been dating 10 months, and things couldn’t be happier! 🙂 His name is Johan, he plays in a solo wizard rock band known as Ravenrock, and he’s just as big a nerd as me!  We met and started talking on, and since then we haven’t stopped.  The only downside is that he lives across the other side of the world from me!  While I’m situated in Australia, he’s way up north, 9 485 miles away in Sweden.  The distance is tough, but we make it through 🙂 In fact, I’ve just booked my tickets to go over and see him for 6 weeks over Christmas and New Years, so we are both extremely excited, and I for one, can’t wait to have a white Christmas – my first.

And so, I thought I’d share with you another kind of craft that I did to help me see exactly how much time we had left before I could wrap my arms around him.  A countdown.  Every day I can drop down a bead and visually see how much time has passed and how much time there is to go.  I love how it turned out and I hope you do too!  Maybe you can make something similar?  Process below.

Great Hall Hourglass Countdown

The picture was drawn to depict me and my boyfriend, and was inspired by this portrait of James and Lily on DeviantART.

It was of course, also inspired by the house point hourglasses seen in The Great Hall.

You will need:

  • Photo/Drawing
  • Photo Frame with thick depth
  • Plastic/Glass Vial
  • Smaller plastic/glass vial to fit inside the bigger one OR a bit of plastic OR both – See Step 6.
  • Balsa Wood
  • Paint
  • Skewers
  • Beads
  • Glue
  • Scissors

Step 1.  Draw the image and edit it the way you want, keeping in mind to measure up how much space you need for the hourglass.  This was just a small 6×8″ print, and as you can see, the D in INTERTWINED is *just* cut off at the end because i didn’t quite measure it perfectly.  Once printed and you’ve found the perfect frame, you’re ready to go!

Step 2.   Glue the drawing/photo to the backing of the photo frame – the one with the stand/hook on it.  Also, using some sort of super strong glue, maybe hot glue, glue the glass to the inside of the frame.   Because you’re making a 3D type image, and the back of the photo frame will be sitting back from the glass, the metal bits you usually use to secure the back of the frame in place will likely be too short to safely secure the glass without it rattling, so the glue will act as a replacement for that.

Step 3.  Trace around the end of your vial onto the balsa wood.  Draw a bigger circle around that, and two smaller rimmed circles on either side.  The inner circles should be the size of your skewer ends (this is of course if you’re doing a small scale version.  If you’re doing a larger scale, you might use a straw, or a wooden dowel or whatever the case may be.  Cut out the three inner circles.  Repeat for the second piece.  This was by far, the hardest part for me – because I was working on such a small scale.  I tried several times to make this template using cardboard before I found the balsa wood, and even then I drew it about ten times before getting it right and cutting it out without breaking it.  Be very careful, and don’t rush this step.  Once the holes have been cut out, you want to make sure your skewers and your vial fit snugly into the holes, without forcing them too much.  Another thing to note, the bottom of the vial was slightly smaller than the top, so that’s another thing to look out for in yours.

Pic 573_

Step 4.  Cut the skewers to size and glue little beads to each end after securing into the balsa wood.  Paint.  I recommend doing this after securing into the balsa wood because even the thinnest layer of paint can muck up your measurements and cause the skewers not to fit inside – believe me – I tried.

Step 5.  Glue the edges of the balsa wood which should stick out the most, to the photo.

Step 6.  Decide how you want to make the smaller upper vial.  Initially, I tried to just make a cylinder out of plastic, gluing it with super glue.  It was messy to say the least, and the plastic ended up white and cloudy and I don’t recommend it.  After that misfortune, I went hunting for other small bits of plastic – and found the clear plastic lid of an old gel pen fit snugly into the top – and when I say snugly, I mean very snugly.  I pushed it down too far once and spent a good 40 minutes trying to get it out again (after I’d spent all that time on the framework!) so be careful. The lid was open at both ends – it had a cap on the top that I had taken off (usually the thing that you use to clip onto something) so I took the rest of my plastic sheet (just from product packaging) and cut up a tiny cone to superglue to the end and create a stopper.  This stops the beads at the top falling down to the bottom.

Pic 565_

Step 7 (Optional).  This part was important to me and my project because I wanted to use two different beads which represented each of us.  Yellow for me, the Hufflepuff, and blue for him.  In particular, The whole idea of the frame was that we are currently on opposite sides of the world, separated, and the countdown was until we were intertwined, so I wanted to have the two different bead colours separated at the top, and intertwined at the bottom.  This required measuring and creating a small plastic divider (a rectangle with a triangle on the end) that slot inside the upper vial, which kept the two colours separated.

Step 8.  Take 4 wooden skewers and measure them to just under the length of each side of your frame. Paint them to match the colour of your frame if you like to hide them better.  These are going to act as stoppers to stop your photo falling forward unevenly due to the 3D part of the hourglass.  You’ll need to measure how far back the photo needs to sit, and glue the skewers in place there.  Essentially, the framework for the photo to sit on.

Pic 575_

Step 9.  Using a bit of wood or sturdy cardboard, create a back for your photo to lean on – this should be sturdy enough to hold the picture in place, creating a slot between the skewer and the cardboard for the picture to sit.  Because you’ll need to take the back of the frame out every day to replace the beads, this shouldn’t be too high and should be simple enough to do.  As an added precaution, you can add a bit of elastic to secure the top of the photo.  I used staples.

Pic 576_

It looks a bit fiddly, but it’s fairly simple.  To lift out the back of the frame, I pull it back slightly and lift it up a bit, before dragging the bottom half completely back and pulling it out.  You just have to be careful and mindful of where you’ve placed that hourglass.  Another trick – if you’re using tiny beads in your vial… have a pair of tweasers handy, and try not to change the beads in a thickly carpeted room – if you drop a bead in the carpet, it can be hard to find again!

That’s it!  All you need to do now is count out your beads, or whatever else you can find as a substitute!

As for us, it’s 91 days! 😀 What are you counting down to?

The Rubber Duck

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I fought long and hard to try and come up with a prize idea for the funniest costume, because I wanted something silly.  In the end, I could really only think of one thing… a rubber duck.

And in order to unwrap it, they had to answer this question: “What is one of the first things Mr Weasley asks Harry when they meet?” Which of course, we all know is: “What exactly is the function of a rubber duck?” 😀

Pic 434

This little guy was a quick rushed-job painted about two days before the party with acrylic paints.  Unfortunately, not the best, as I could tell the paint was coming off even as I was still painting it, but this was the end of my party preparations and I was running out of time.  Unfortunately, the paint didn’t last too long in the water, but alas, cute and silly all the same!

Some Lovegood Love

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Excuses, excuses… I won’t make any excuses for not writing my blog posts lately, not this time.  Let’s just say that just because my party is over, doesn’t mean the crafts have stopped!  I’ll try… I really will, promise this time.  I have a lot of amazing things and awesome photos to show you 🙂 Like, for example, the Spectroscopes and Butterbeer cork necklace shown on my blog earlier, that I made for my friend dressing as Luna Lovegood. 🙂

Pic 405_


Glue the template here to cardboard and cut out.  The two cellophane colours are up to you, In the movie, Luna has blue and pink.  I used blue and purple, and many people use blue and red.  Just depends on what you have available and what you’d prefer.  Either way, as long as you have two mismatched eye pieces, you’re pretty much displaying your Luna pride!


Pic 399_

Butterbeer Cork Necklace:

As you’ll find in many of my previous tutorials… I like to make things basic with the tools I already have.  A thin blue ribbon wasn’t as authentic as the beautiful blue-bead strung necklace Luna wears, but it was quick and simple to do to give the same desired effect of Luna’s eccentric character.  Grabbing an old wine cork, a paperclip and a hammer, I straightened out the paperclip, folding it instead in the center, and yep, hammered it onto the ribbon and into the cork.  Tie and knot in the ribbon big enough to go around your head and your done.

Hope you’ve got a Quibbler to go along with that outfit!  We certainly did!  Glued the cover to an old magazine and  cut it to size.  The whole costume looked fantastic 😀

Hope you all managed to catch the Hogwarts Express on time this week!


Hallows Toast

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Now, time for a spot of breakfast. 😀

Pic 406

Tutorial here.

I followed the last tutorial in making a cardboard stamp stencil 🙂 Very simple and fund to do – Step 1.  Make Stencil – Step 2. Cover in aluminium foil – Step 3. Stamp bread and toast.  The Deathly Hallows symbol is a little more frustrating than it looks, though!  I’ve also found the tip of the triangle doesn’t come out too well, as you can see in the photo, though that may be because I didn’t have enough of a gap to cut out.  Would also be fun to make a lightning bolt or something, use your imagination! 🙂 These would make a great breakfast serving after a sleepover party, or, who needs an occasion, really?