Warning: Fake Wand Replicas

I was so excited to unwrap this box on Christmas day, already knowing that only one thing could fit in a box of this shape.  But as soon as I opened it I knew something was wrong.  It did not come in the nice smooth black box with the Ollivander-style label telling of whose wand box it was, but a generic Deathly Hallows box, with Times New Roman font and Chinese writing down the sides.  That said I think I was lucky to even get this amongst everything else I received, I was a mighty lucky muggle!  Think of this not as complaining, but more, making a review.  My Dad is an eBay junkie and he means well, but sometimes, you’re just better off buying from the official stores (aka Warner Brothers and Noble Collection).

I had asked for a wand replica of Sirius Black.  He’s one of my favourite characters and my sister-in-law already owns the 6 Dumbledore’s Army wands and Dumbledore’s, plus I’ve got a few of the cheapo plastic ones and a light up one, so I wanted my first, proper replica, all to myself.  I wanted to go for a different wand, and I just loved the look of Sirius’.  It is a simple design with carvings and I think it really suits his character.  I mean, I guess a lot of the wands actually tell you something about the character that owns them and when you start to study them you realise that each one is unique and easily definable .  Give me 40 wands tomorrow and I could probably identify 20 of them (okay, so I’m still a little slow on the uptake).  Anyway, upon opening the box, it was lined with simple yellow fabric on a foam board with light foam covering.  No velvet felt, no pretty ribbon.  There is no label to identify whose wand it is, you just have to know when you buy it, I guess!

Upon first glance, it seemed pretty good.  I noticed it didn’t have a WB trademark on it anywhere so that was probably when I started to question it, but I put it neatly back in it’s box and left it to look at later.  Which I did.  First thing I noticed was the handle-end of the wand had been smoothly cut off.  I think for Sirius’ wand, it’s supposed to be.  I do not believe however that it should be completely slanted.  If I were to stand it on its end, you can clearly see it, like the Leaning Tower of Pisa.  But the symbols were the giveaway.  Click the image below for full view.

You’ll notice the last symbol at the end of the wand is like an O with an upside-down T.  Notice how on one side of the wand, there is a tiny gap between the end of the T and the end of the wand.  Now notice on the other side, how the bottom (top?) of the T has been completely cut off, so it’s just an O with an I.  So then I started making comparisons with the wand from Noble Collection, thanks to TheWandWaver.  I noticed the handle wasn’t even supposed to have the inverted edges on all 4 vertices, but rather flat ended square ones.  Not to mention the first symbol on the handle, the triangle, should have straight (as opposed to rounded) vertices and a carved out center. I then began to read comments on the video, and discovered a new fact I hadn’t learnt before!   Someone stated from JK Rowling (and I’m not sure if this is true, but apparently) some wands hold different markings which tell a witch or wizard how the wand should be held.  The different marking, whatever it is, should be faced upright in order for spell-casting to work.  This includes Sirius’ wand, as 3 of the sides contain triangles with with double ‘legs’ if you want to call it, and 1 side (as shown in the video) only has a single ‘leg’.  This is not shown on this wand replica.  All 4 sides are the same.  And there’s a hole, almost like an air bubble, in the groove.

I believe the paint colour is also slightly off, a little too dark.  In many places, the paint work is dodgy (notice the blob below the X) and the carved edges (that shouldn’t be there in the first place) aren’t smooth.  In some places, you’ll see a nice deep cut, which as you can see in the photo below has either become shallow or been filled in with too much paint.  Whichever.  Goodbye pretty clean carved circles… The wand also just has a standard insert into the box.  The insert is not made to fit this wand, meaning there is moving space for it to slide up and down inside.

And I then fished out the wand on eBay right here.  At no point do they claim to be an official Noble Collection wand, but it is pretty misleading and they do sell many other fake replicas on eBay.  Oddyssey1212 reviewed Harry and Ron wand replicas from the same seller stating the wand was made of PVC plastic (I’m not really sure how to tell, but in the selling description they state high quality resin/PVC) and is not very durable.  The wand I have actually feels quite durable, but I also think that’s because of the simplistic design.  It doesn’t have such a fancy, raised handle that Harry and Ron’s have which might (and has been known to) snap off.  Don’t think I’ll be dropping it anytime soon!  After reviewing their video, I think that Sirius’ wand is perhaps one of their better replicas, as opposed to the completely obvious and horrendous replicas of Harry, Ron, Hermione and even Dumbledore’s wand here where the colours are completely off.  That said… I think they are a-okay wands.  They would be great for the kids, or simple costumes, and they are 3x cheaper than the Noble Collection wands.  However, for the big-kid fans seeking their perfect, beautiful, drool-all-over wand replicas… please, please, go to the official stores at Noble Collection or Warner Brothers.  I can’t stop picking up on the tiny faults in this wand (and I know I’d be even more disappointed if I had recieved any of the other wands which have much more noticable differences).

I am still very grateful to receive it.  And I still love it.  But it’s still remaining on my Noble Collection wish list.  It just doesn’t feel the same now that I’ve looked so closely at it.  Maybe next year.  As for this wand, I think it’ll be going into the party prize bin. 😛 I know less-detailed-fan-freaks would approve.

Edit: On Friday the 13th of April, I dropped the wand (accidentally, of course!) on the tiles, inevitably snapping it at the top.

Working on gluing it back together, but paint has already begun to chip very easily at the snap point, and will require a paint touch up.

~ by acciomagic on December 26, 2011.

One Response to “Warning: Fake Wand Replicas”

  1. I also got this wand as a gift and it broke in the exact same place! Mine came in a different box, but it’s the exact same wand from the globby paint, to the straight cut on the end and the rounded symbols. It’s a great wand if you want to look the part and you don’t want to pay too much, just be prepared for it to break on you. Also, don’t tap it against anything white, there will be reddish marks.

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