Marauder’s Map – Birthday Signatures!

Big birthday numbers – 18, 21, whatever the case may be – will often result in people getting wooden numbers, books, or keys for guests to sign short birthday messages on.  But I was having a Harry Potter party!  And I wasn’t having none of that.  No, I wanted my guests to sign a Marauder’s Map.  My Marauder’s Map.  Made from scans of the original as seen in Page to Screen, and edited to my liking.  Turned out great on some of the left over parchment paper I had from my invitations.  (Glued together, you can see the joins in the second picture).  And of course, I wasn’t having my guests sign with just any old pen, but a beautiful handmade quill, purchased from Whimsic Alley.  While I had the base of the map down, it wasn’t completed until after I had all of my RSVPs back from my invitations, because I also preprinted everyone’s names into miniature scrolls (from screenshots of the PoA credits).  Everyone then signed their messages under their scrolls, in the space provided, and had some fun practicing their quill-writing skills!  While most people tended to keep their messages short and sweet owing to the amount of space given, and the slight difficulty in getting used to the feel of the quill, it is a beautiful piece to look back on and bring back memories from my party 🙂

Owing to the nature of the scanned images, personalised front, fitted scroll-names and difficult folding/piecing together, I will not be posting a template up just yet, although it may be something I consider in the future.  I may also consider selling a similar design if anyone is interested 🙂

~ by acciomagic on October 5, 2013.

One Response to “Marauder’s Map – Birthday Signatures!”

  1. I love this. Brilliant idea. Another good one might be a copy of the Hogwarts map. It’s nice to look at, there’s a lot of space, and you won’t have to repeat ideas if you have another HP party.

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