Birthday Banner/Bunting/Garland

Yes, here I am again!  Can’t believe I have not made a post yet about the incredibly exciting news of the new film series – Fantastic Beasts 😀 And if you don’t know about that yet, seriously, you’re living under a rock.  Or the stairs.  Probably the latter.  OMG I CAN’T WAIT!!! 😀 I was fangirling for at least an hour after I found out the news.   I honestly hope that this movie will shine more of a positive light on Hufflepuffs, because of our very own Newt Scamander.

Enough of that.   Parties! Parties can’t be complete without the birthday banner, right?  Or bunting.  Or garland.  Yeah, yeah, whatever you want to call it. 😛  Very simple.

Step 1.  Print (optional: print on coloured paper)
Step 2.  Cut
Step 3 (Optional).  Glue to coloured paper
Step 4.  Fold
Step 5.  Tape down flap
Step 6.  Hang

Download the file: hpbunting.doc (84 KB)

[You will need the following fonts to view the document properly: Lumos]

House mascot stencils found at The Leaky Cauldron.

~ by acciomagic on October 3, 2013.

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