The Rubber Duck

I fought long and hard to try and come up with a prize idea for the funniest costume, because I wanted something silly.  In the end, I could really only think of one thing… a rubber duck.

And in order to unwrap it, they had to answer this question: “What is one of the first things Mr Weasley asks Harry when they meet?” Which of course, we all know is: “What exactly is the function of a rubber duck?” 😀

Pic 434

This little guy was a quick rushed-job painted about two days before the party with acrylic paints.  Unfortunately, not the best, as I could tell the paint was coming off even as I was still painting it, but this was the end of my party preparations and I was running out of time.  Unfortunately, the paint didn’t last too long in the water, but alas, cute and silly all the same!

~ by acciomagic on September 7, 2013.

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