Some Lovegood Love

Excuses, excuses… I won’t make any excuses for not writing my blog posts lately, not this time.  Let’s just say that just because my party is over, doesn’t mean the crafts have stopped!  I’ll try… I really will, promise this time.  I have a lot of amazing things and awesome photos to show you 🙂 Like, for example, the Spectroscopes and Butterbeer cork necklace shown on my blog earlier, that I made for my friend dressing as Luna Lovegood. 🙂

Pic 405_


Glue the template here to cardboard and cut out.  The two cellophane colours are up to you, In the movie, Luna has blue and pink.  I used blue and purple, and many people use blue and red.  Just depends on what you have available and what you’d prefer.  Either way, as long as you have two mismatched eye pieces, you’re pretty much displaying your Luna pride!


Pic 399_

Butterbeer Cork Necklace:

As you’ll find in many of my previous tutorials… I like to make things basic with the tools I already have.  A thin blue ribbon wasn’t as authentic as the beautiful blue-bead strung necklace Luna wears, but it was quick and simple to do to give the same desired effect of Luna’s eccentric character.  Grabbing an old wine cork, a paperclip and a hammer, I straightened out the paperclip, folding it instead in the center, and yep, hammered it onto the ribbon and into the cork.  Tie and knot in the ribbon big enough to go around your head and your done.

Hope you’ve got a Quibbler to go along with that outfit!  We certainly did!  Glued the cover to an old magazine and  cut it to size.  The whole costume looked fantastic 😀

Hope you all managed to catch the Hogwarts Express on time this week!


~ by acciomagic on September 6, 2013.

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