Birthday on Sunday? Oh yes.

Blogging every day, yeah right.  But, I think that’s exactly what I’ll need to do *after* my birthday!  This is just a quick post to say it is now a day and a half away, and I think I’m finally, finally, almost prepared.  Though the entire house is a mess and I have a lot to pack as I’m having it at my Dad’s, I might finally be getting somewhere and it’s going to be awesome! 🙂 I will have a *lot* of tutorials and things to write up afterwards so this blog will pick up then, I have been so busy with the crafts especially in the last week and a half and just haven’t had much spare time for blog posts, so I’m sorry about that! 🙂 I’ll be sure to show you *everything* when the party is over 😀 Be prepared for lots of long, photo-filled posts!

Pic 403_

Happy Harry-ing!

~ by acciomagic on June 7, 2013.

One Response to “Birthday on Sunday? Oh yes.”

  1. I hope you had a happy birthday. 🙂

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