DIY Notepads

Hi all!  Definitely getting busy now 🙂 I’ve been making book necklaces, house bracelets, invitations are underway, potion jars are being sorted… all very exciting! 😀 This is just a quick post with a tutorial on how to make your own notepads!  These are great for little prizes or party favours, even to write in scores, etc during the party. 🙂

You will need:

  • Notebook/Notepad
  • Kraft paper or other plain/decorative paper with your design on it.
  • Exacto knife and/or scissors
  • Pliers (optional)
  • Glue stick
  • Cardboard
  • Pencil

1.  Get a hold of some notebooks or pads, whatever you’d prefer 🙂 I prefer ones with the plain cardboard backing, as it doesn’t require editing a back cover as well as a front cover.  Of course, you can make them bigger and better if you’d like, size and style is really up to you.  Just make sure that the coils can be undone (see Step 7).  You’ll find some notepads only have 1 coil that winds around and around through all the holes – this is no good.  You want something with double coils that pull apart separately at the back.

2.  Create the design you want.  What I’ve done is I’ve just printed HP logos spaced out onto brown Kraft paper, you can of course do something different and come up with your own fancy designs, but I just wanted something simple.  If you are using Kraft paper, please be careful with printing your own design on it as it is very thin paper – make sure you’re using a good printer.  We buy it in a roll, and so I try and flatten it under some heavy books before hand, but I will also cut it to size and tape it to an A4 sheet of paper to help flatten it when it goes through the printer.  The ink can smudge and it can get jammed, but most of the time, it has worked fine for me.

Pic 376_

3.  Trace around your notepad onto the printed design, leaving about a 1cm gap all the way around (See Step 7 for separating covers).  Cut out.  You will also need to trace around it onto a blank piece of paper for the inside of the cover (no gap), and onto a piece of cardboard (no gap) for the front cover. You’ll need to do it twice if you’re doing a back cover as well.   The cardboard I have here is about 2mm thick – not the thin fragile stuff, but not the really thick stuff either.  Here I have also traced out the cut out holes.  These actually need to be done later, so there’s no need to do that just yet.

Pic 377_

4.  Position and glue down your covers, folding the edges over the backside.

Pic 381_

5.  Once dry, then glue on the blank piece of paper you cut out, to cover those rough edges and inside cardboard.

Pic 385_

6.  Here comes the fun part.  Using the original cover, trace around the gaps where the holes will be.  Then, using whatever you’d like – an exacto knife, scissors, a hole punch, even a nail if you so desire – start punching those holes.  I don’t like using the hole punch because I can never align it properly, and the holes are round where these ones were square (though messy in any case, a hole punch would’ve left a much nicer trim), but it’s up to you.  I also found the holes were too small and the cardboard to thick to make nice even cuts with the knife (I may have been too rushed, too…) soo I started hole punching with the nail, and widening with the scissors.  Did the trick anyway, but please be careful using these methods!

Pic 386_

7.  So the covers should’ve been removed back in Step 3 when you were tracing around them, but below is a quick reference picture on how the coil should look before you start, you will then need to pull the loops on the right away from the center with a pair of pliers – these are not essential, but they do make it a lot easier, you can just use your fingers though.  You can then slide the front and back covers on and off – make sure you pay attention to what way they are facing when they come off – and once you’ve attached your design and the back cover again, you’ll want to use the pliers to pull the coils back towards the center again – you can see I’ve done a messy job below but it works. 😀

Pic 387_

8.  The finished product.

Pic 388_

Hope that was easy enough to understand!  Keep crafting!  More blog posts coming right up! 😀 Party is now less than a month away! :O

~ by acciomagic on May 13, 2013.

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