Party preperations are starting to get exciting!

So once again, it appears I’ve missed a month, woops!  It seems I’ve been quite busy as of late. 😛 And now, with my supposed party 3 months away, it’s time to really get stuck into things and hopefully, with any luck, I’ll start to get somewhere with increased craft preparation.  I’ve been airing my potion jars and trying to decide which jar will contain which potion and what the contains of that potion will be, so expect a full write up of that later!   I also want to get started on my invitations once I know who I’m actually inviting, so that’ll be an exciting post.  I will need to practise my wax seals again which will make for another full post!  Hopefully there will be a few more frequent posts in the lead up to this party now it’s drawing ever closer.

About 3 or 4 weeks ago, my Monster Book of Monsters arrived, from Tomy.  Found it for quite a reasonable price on eBay and got very frustrated with it when I tried to open it and found I couldn’t.  I did some reading up on reviews and found it was a common manufacturer fault.  I would stroke the spine and I would get the correct growling noise, but the teeth weren’t moving and the thing would not open.  I tried changing the batteries, hitting the reset button, to no avail.  However, being the determined little Hufflepuff I am, I kept at it for half hour.  I eventually wedged a tiny screw driver into the top right hand corner to latch it open (didn’t require too much force at all, just enough to wedge it in),wriggled the teeth a bit, and it’s been working fine ever since! 😀 I can shut it and open it, and when the wrong combination is entered the teeth will move the way they’re supposed to.  Just thought that might be a helpful tip is anyone else is having problems with it, though of course not a guaranteed fix. 🙂 I’ve been debating what to put inside it because I don’t want anything too important in there in case I have trouble opening it again, but I do want something useful in there 😀 Probably just more Potter-y things when I start finding I’m running out of space to keep everything. xD

Pic 330_

I’ve also printed off 2 more book covers thanks to the people at The RPF, in particular, the one pictured below from ElliotStone.  I loved it as it is such a great design.  I wrinkled the spine before gluing it on to give it more of a leather-y look, and used craft glue for that, which let the colours weep and ages a little, as opposed to the glue stick used on the front and back covers.  Feels very smooth and lovely, so I thank the wonderful people over at the forum!  Another great book for my small-starting collection.

Pic 331_

Remember how I said I was excited to start on my invitations?  My brother and sister-in-law recently came back from America, and if spending their time at Disneyland wasn’t enough, they also made a special trip to Whimsic Alley.  Gosh, I would’ve had so much fun there 😀 Anyway, I was lucky enough for them to bring me home a Hufflepuff Banner annnd a beautiful feather quill with nibs and ink as seen below!  I’m itching to try it out to write the names on my invitations, and trying to decide where else I can graffiti lovely scripts to paper and feel like a little excited 11-year old Hogwarts student!  Thanks guys!

Pic 335_

Annnd finally, my Hufflepuff shadow box is finally starting to take shape, which I realise I have not yet shared here.  It’ll be a type of diorama thing, based off our Hufflepuff Common Room picture on Pottermore.  Well, you might not be able to tell it, but I can certainly tell how much it’s taken shape since I started.  Tomorrow I’ll be adding more paint and eee, I’ll be able to start gluing things!  Can’t wait!

Pic 336_

Happy crafting, and Happy Easter if I don’t post again before then (hopefully, I do!).  Wow, can’t believe it’s just around the corner again. xD Soon, it’ll be Christmas!  Or, should I say, my 21st. xD Yeah.  My awesome party will come first.  Just need more Potter friends to actually invite. 😛

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