Decorations, Paintings and Teddy Love

Wow, okay, so its been a while!  No posts in over a month is quite sad, I’m sorry!  I’ve had rather a lot going on at the moment.  Hope you all had a great Christmas and New Years, as it seems we all survived the end of the world!  I had a great time with my family and friends and finally scored my Hufflepuff robes! 😀 They are handmade from a seller on eBay and look quite good and lightweight.  I also received a number of DVDs, including Daniel Radcliffe’s Woman In Black which I am yet to watch – bit scared!  Got some HP Lego, a Dark Mark tattoo, Golden Snitch bracelet, a Harry Potter Movie Posters Collection, and the Hunger Games books.  Everyone’s been telling me to read them for months, so I’ve finally got into them and am quite enjoying it.

I also have to thank a wonderful friend of mine who went out of her way for presents this year.  She got me the poster book, and the items pictured below, which as she said, will come in very handy for my party and I’m quite excited!  Can anyone see how these relate to Philosopher’s Stone? 😀 There’s an antique looking key, easy enough to add wings to for the Flying Key room.  2 large chess pieces which are actually book ends!  Not quite sure what to do with them just yet, but handy decorations nonetheless.  And an hourglass (or “novelty egg timer”) – just what I need for potions!  Great presents for a Harry fan, without specifically being Harry related.

Pic 329_

I couldn’t resist picking up these little ornaments for a couple of dollars at our junk shop either, especially the frog!  Magical Menagerie anyone?

Pic 327_

And managed to find some miniature glass bottles with corks just yesterday!  I’ve been hunting for them, but it’s the first time I’ve seen them anywhere.  Not quite sure what to do with them now I’ve got them, whether to make them into little necklaces or something else.  Let’s see, projects… I was busy at work on a special shadow box, but I’ve taken a break from it and am determined to get back to it soon because it’s looking great and can’t wait to share it with you.  What I can share with you is my second ever watercolour painting!  Not 100% happy with it, but then again, I never am 😀 I’m just waiting to frame it with some nice twigs to give it a rustic look.  Gotta love that scene in the movie.

Pic 334__

What else?  Oh yeah, if you’re stuck on gift ideas, photo gifts are a great way to go!  You can order them from your big department stores – Kmart, BigW, Harvey Norman.  Subscribe to their emails to find the best offers usually around all the big holidays.  At times you can get up to 40% off!  You can get photos printed onto all kinds of things – bags, clothing, mugs and… teddies! 😀 And by all means, they don’t have to be actual photos if you can come up with your own design to print, which is what I did with this little cutie below!  You can choose your bear and the shirt (limited options may be available) and then it’s up to you.  The shirt itself is white, so simple designs white backgrounds are best.  I love how she turned out, and so does the person I gave her to!  Really great idea for any fan of… well, anything really, if you can use your imagination.

Pic 308_

That’s probably about it from me!  Oh, and I’ve fallen in love with a Ravenclaw. 😛

~ by acciomagic on January 20, 2013.

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