Potted Potter and Gift Ideas

First off, I have to say Potted Potter was awesome, and I’m sorry I didn’t post a review back earlier!  I’ve been a little preoccupied at the moment, needless to say, as the possible future date of my party draws nearer, my ideas flood through and so I daresay that one day this blog will pick up and I will post a little more regularly.  Anyway, the show was awesome – very funny and very entertaining.  Gary and Jesse (pictured below) did a fantastic job.  I could’ve sworn I saw a glimpse of one of them before the show started so I’m a bit annoyed about not saying anything, but that’s okay.  I think the major disappointment was the lack of audience members dressed up.  They were playing to a packed out theater, and I would’ve been lucky to spot half a dozen others dressed up for the occasion.  The same thing happened at the Deathly Hallows midnight premiere I went to.  Unfortunately the people here just don’t seem to get into the full spirit of things… xD But that’s their loss!

I had seen about 5-10 minutes of the show via Youtube, so I knew a little about what to expect from these guys.  My cheeks were so sore from laughing by the end of the night.  For those of you who don’t know, Potted Potter is a two-man show where they retell the 7 books in 70 minutes.  I think ours went for a little longer, but no one was complaining there 😀 If you have a good sense of humor and a love of Harry, definitely go and see it if you get the chance.  If you like things like A Very Potter Musical, you’re bound to love this too.  Hard to say what my favourite part was – Quidditch was pretty good, though I think our seekers could’ve shown a bit more enthusiasm.  I was a Slytherin for the night in my Hufflepuff tie xD It was all really good fun.


Moving right along, my sister-in-law and Harry Potter nerd recently celebrated her 30th birthday.  She’s a big kid at heart, so I wanted to do her something special and themed, by Harry Potter, of course. 😛 I ended up making her a big box with goodies inside!  I’d bought a gift box from the junk shop and recovered it with coloured paper and a Ravenclaw design on the lid (her house).  So she wouldn’t suspect anything, I wrapped the box up twice.  The inner layer was wrapped in brown paper packaging with string (and a Hogwarts Acceptance envelope attached to the outside), and I wrapped that again in normal birthday wrapping, so it wouldn’t be such a dead giveaway.

Although, the birthday card envelope attached to the outside of that may have been just as much of a dead giveaway.  I had handmade the card and bought a metallic envelope to fit it into, and because of the shiny paper the best option I had for writing on it was thick black sharpie which just looked ugly.  Until I did a bit of decorating POA style 😀 The card design is a cartoon called Har Repotter and this particular design is meant to be Hermione, but I found it quite fitting for my sister too, so I mucked around with it a bit and had fun, adding in her additional Pottermore frog.  The inside reads “Another year wiser/Happy Birthday”.  Needless to say, she told me it was her favourite 30th card she had received 😀 Attached to the back of this envelope was an origami owl made out of page 17 of POA which discusses Harry’s birthday.  Attached to the owl was the chapter header and image for Nineteen Years Later in DH, as being 30 meant it was exactly 19 years since she was supposed to have received her Hogwarts letter which would be the next thing she opened 😀

Inside the box were several goodies, some of which I have already shared here.  A Bertie Bott’s Beans box, filled with Jelly Belly beans, and Draco Malfoy’s POA drawing of Harry falling off his broom, as seen here.  A house bracelet and miniature book necklace, a Ravenclaw bookmark and R.A.B letter to go with the Slytherin locket I knew she already had, and a Hogwarts Express ticket.  I also made up a quick Chudley Cannons paper pennant, simply printed out on orange paper and cut out.  Very easy to do and looks great!

Download the file:  pennantcc.doc (78 KB)

By this stage the big box I had was looking very empty with mostly flat paper things inside which didn’t make it look very exciting at all, and so I hunted for ideas for bigger things.  I loved the idea of DIY Sharpie Mugs, and while I debated on doing a plain old Deathly Hallows symbol, I decided I loved the Dumbledore’s Army logo too much not to give it a try.  I was quite worried because I had read reviews that the Sharpie would wipe straight off, but it didn’t when I tested it.  I’m sure with a bit of wear it will come off a bit, but providing you don’t get it too messy and only wipe over it lightly (no scrubbing!) there shouldn’t be too much of a problem.  I had originally printed off the logo onto paper and tried to stencil it out which worked well with the big DA letters in the middle, not so much with the tiny scribbly writing on the outside circle, so most of that was done freehand.  I loved how it turned out and I think she did too! (And yes, that is a Dumbledore’s Army t-shirt I’m wearing :D) If you’re that worried about the Sharpie rubbing off, remember that mugs can be used as more than just drinkware – pen holder, anyone?

In addition to the mug, I was determined to try out coffee stencils, as my brother and sister are both into making great coffees.  These were stenciled out of plastic from an ordinary A4 display folder, although they can also be cut into the lids of round plastic takeaway containers which I thought was pretty nifty (and probably would’ve been sturdier too) but the plastic did the job.  Took much cutting and frustration to do this, so be determined to have a sharp knife and some patience!  I definitely want to try these again in the near future and try out more designs – even though I don’t drink coffee, they’d be great on a hot chocolate!

Pic 254_

To finish things off, 30 is a big number, so what better way to celebrate than with an Ageing Potion?  It’s really just Pineapple Juice, but you can fill it with whatever you want – including an alcoholic beverage for the big 18 or 21!  The symbol used was found in a list of Agathodaimon Symbols, which have been used in a number of Potter publications such as the Educational Decrees.  The label also had a seemingly random identification number on it – this was the date of her birthday.

After much bubble wrap and careful packaging, I had made a themed gift box I knew any Potter fan would love, and all on a very small budget!

Have you ever made a Potter themed gift box for someone?  Share it with us!  I love this one made by bloodonthemoon5.

With less than a month ’til Christmas I hope you’re all getting into some Christmas cheer and listening to lots of Jingle Spells!  Stuck on gift ideas for Potter fans?  Give us a shout!  Hope to talk to you all again soon!

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