Wizard Rockstars!

What do you do when you’re invited to a Rock Band/SingStar party and you have no one to dress up as?  You dress up as a Wizard Rocker, of course 😀 Well at least, that’s where the idea formed, and then it transformed into a bit more fun to have with my WrockStar game.  I struggled to find a Wizard Rocker I could actually dress up as, so I decided I could just be myself with a few added touches.  That, and I decided if party goers don’t know what on earth Wizard Rock is, it might give them an obvious hint in the form of a lightning bolt. 😛

One of the first Wrock bands I ever heard went by the name of Potter Noyz.  Their song To Fred was so sad to hear after I finished reading Deathly Hallows.  Needless to say, their “band photo” inspired this quick little project I came up with.  The photo is shown below.

And my project…

Once I got over the rubber band stretching and the cardboard warping, it really wasn’t that bad.  I recommend following this tutorial, and making several layers of cardboard for support, rather than the rushed job I did.  I also differed from the tutorial a bit – you’ll notice I used 18 strings, not 4, which is quite a bit more than your average guitar.  I also passed off the guide to tie the strings to the ends of paper clips – I simply poked a hole through the card with a needle and threaded the rubber bands in that way.  This made smaller holes than the drill, and allowed for 2 basic knots at the end of each string.  However, I was only going through one layer of cardboard which I do not recommend due to cardboard warping, so really, that tutorial will be your friend for life xD Just make a few design changes, and you should be all set!  As for the handle, I found thumb tacs were perfect for the job, but be careful with these.  If the rubber band is stretched too tight and you try securing this under or around the pin, not only will you have warped cardboard, but pins flying everywhere too.  I had to give up on my last 6 strings because the rubber bands just weren’t big enough for the length I needed to stretch them.  The much simpler route would be to secure a second dowel at the end, but if you’re after the looks, be my guest.  Just be prepared for a bit of trial and error!

Of course if you haven’t listened to or heard of Wrock yet, you need to.  There are hundreds of bands out there; many are inactive, but just as many are still active and thriving.  Just this week, an awesome new Swedish Wrock band released their first single, This is the End.  Their name is Ravenrock and you can like them on Facebook, or check out their video below.  It’s a beautiful song worth listening to.

That’s it from me.  I am very excited about seeing Potted Potter at QPAC tomorrow night, and so you should expect a full report back later this week!  Wrock on!

~ by acciomagic on November 6, 2012.

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