Simple Wizarding Games

While we’re on the topic of games to play at your Harry Potter party, here are a few ideas for simple games that will require much less thought than matching wands to their owners! 😛 These games should be suitable for the young and the young at heart!

Design from ecl at The RPF.

Guess How Many Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans are in the Box

Fill up a box or jar with jelly beans (make sure you count each one!) and have guests write down their name and guess on a sheet of paper as they arrive and throughout the party.  The person with the closest guess wins the beans.  These can be ordinary jelly beans, but of course, it is much, much more fun to use the Jelly Belly kind with their array of different flavours.  These beans are also smaller than the ordinary ones you get, so you will fit more inside.

Guess the Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Bean Flavour

If you haven’t tried Jelly Belly beans, now is the time!  Fill up another container with these beans, and go around the group having everyone try one bean at a time.  Or, you could have them try 3 in a row.  Or something.  It’s up to you.  Have them try and guess the flavour before they eat it judging on the colour and look, or after they’ve eaten it, or both!  Try and get as many different flavours as you can.  I’ve been able to pick up 20-flavour packs from my local supermarket for around $2.50, but if you go to specific lolly shops you can pick up 50-flavour packs which are a bit more costly and come in larger quantities.  You can also pick up (admittedly miniscule) Harry Potter beans for $5 from a few places if your lucky – again try lolly shops, but also Movieworld on the Gold Coast, and of course the touring Exhibition, Studio Tour and Theme Park.  These packs have 10 additional gross flavours that aren’t available in the normal packs.  If you do include gross flavours, it might be an idea to hand your guests napkins just in case!  Ideally, you’ll have a flavour guide handy for your use (don’t let the guests see).  You should be able to judge pretty well what flavour the person is going to eat before they eat it, though in some cases there are a few similar looking ones so you’ll have to wait and see (i.e. Candyfloss and Bubblegum).  In the end, whoever guesses the most flavours correctly, wins a prize.  Or, you can reward points for every flavour guessed correctly.  See below.

Wizard Hats

You all know the game Celebrity Heads, right?  The name of a celebrity is written above a person’s head so they can’t see, but everyone else can.  They then have to try and guess who they are by asking a series of yes/no questions.  Well, this is the same game, strictly with Harry Potter characters, and it can be so much fun to watch them struggle!  You may want to make sure the person knows who it is though i.e. you don’t want to make them Dennis Creevey if they haven’t read the books. To spruce things up a bit, if you can get a hold of a witch’s hat (or even better, the Sorting Hat!) and have the name of the character written on a card pinned to the brim of the hat, the person can wear the hat while they try and guess who they are.

How many characters can you think of in 5 minutes?

This is wonderfully fun, easy and competitive game.  Hand out numbered sheets and give guests a time limit in which they must write down as many characters as they can think of.  Make it clear at the start of the game that guests only need to write down a first or last name – not both – otherwise it’ll take much longer; and decide whether you’ll allow the inclusion of pets such as Hedwig.  Of course it doesn’t have to be characters, it can be creatures or spells too, but I personally would only recommend these for the hardcore fans, otherwise I’m sure guests will begin struggling to get past 10 names.  The time limit is of course up to you as well.  I consider myself a hardcore fan, so I timed this by myself to get an idea of how many names I could get written down in just 1 minute.  I only managed 19.  In 5 minutes, I managed 75.  Typed on the computer, I managed over 100.  So believe me when I say that a numbered list of 100 will be more than plenty, unless of course you’re going for longer than 5 minutes.  Remember, writing is slow and you can think faster than you can write, so you’re going to want to give your guests time to write as much as they can.  There are around 200 important characters in the series, and over 700 characters across the 7 books, so this shouldn’t be too hard of a task!

I went to Diagon Alley and I bought…

I don’t know how many of you have played this, but it was a common thing in my childhood, anyway.  You went around in a group and you said “I went to the shops and I bought a ______”, and the next person would say that item, and add their own.  The third person would say the first two items, and add theirs, and so on around the group.  When someone forgets an item, they’re out.  The game continues until there is one person left, making them the winner.  So this is the same game, with of course items that can be bought in Diagon Alley (or Hogsmeade if you so desire) – from spell books to potions ingredients to broomsticks!  If you want to start getting really tricky, you could start adding the full length of names to help get people tongue tied, but be careful that doesn’t backfire when you start buying things like Standard Size 2 Pewter Cauldrons and Defence Against the Dark Arts Basics for Beginners!  Beware, this game can become quite lengthy if all your guests have excellent memories!


Pretty self explanatory.  Come up with your own trivia quiz which can be played individually or in teams, and have guests answer as many questions correctly as they can.  Start off with easy questions and build up to the more challenging ones.  If you don’t want to come up with your own questions, there are hundreds of places you can steal trivia questions from online, or even a book (however, this only goes up to Goblet of Fire).

Points System

If like me, you aren’t completely happy with the use of Gringotts coins, it may be easier for you to create a kind of points system to reward your guests for winning games and things.  If you’re planning a lot of games and want to cut back on the amount of prizes you’re giving out, this could be a wonderful option.  Points can be rewarded by a person’s house, or individually (which is probably going to be the better idea, if you’re going to have drastically different house numbers).  You can tailor the points system to your needs.  You can reward 3 points for winning a game, or 30 points.  The more difficult the game, the more points, etc.  In the end, the 2 people with the most points win prizes.

Download the files:

bertiebottsguessheet.doc (46.5KB)
TimedThinkOf.doc (76.5KB)

[You will need the following fonts to view the document properly: Lumos]

I think that’s all from me for now!  Keep following this blog for more party game ideas in the future!

REMINDER:  We’re close to Halloween!  If you’re planning a Harry Potter party anytime soon, it might be a good idea to stock up on items suited to you, even if (like me) you don’t celebrate Halloween.  If you’re interested in cheap wizard hats, robes, brooms, spiders, cauldrons, the dark arts objects, now is a great time to start hunting!

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