Obliviate! A Memory Game

Here is a game for the ultimate Harry Potter fan – well, okay, it’s just like any standard, normal, boring game for anyone, but unless you’re good with your wands, you aren’t going to get very far – so ultimate fan, it is. 😀 It’s a Memory (Match) Card Game.  I know, I know, how boring.  But it is actually quite difficult.  Instead of finding picture matches, you’re finding word and picture matches.  In the case of the Obliviate! Memory Game, you are matching character names to their wands.  Sure, everyone knows what Harry’s wand looks like, and Voldemort’s and Dumbledore’s, but how about Seamus and Flitwick and Lupin?  Test your wand knowledge by matching these 64 wands to their owners!  There are 2 for Bellatrix and Lucius, for both their new and old wands, and also 6 unknown Death Eater wands.  Ideally, there should be 2 for Luna or Ron to make it a nice round 65 pairs, but try finding reference pictures for their original wands and it is very, very hard.  That said, if you know of one, let me know 😛 So yes, there we have it.  Attached is a link to a zip folder containing all the card images, including an optional front cover image which says Obliviate!  There is also a Remembrall Sheet which you can print off to help you check your accuracy if you’re struggling.  I’d recommend mastering the easy wands before you start trying to mix and match 128 cards! 😀 Just print off, glue to cardstock, cut out and you’re ready to go.

But who am I?  Which wizard do I belong to?

Download the file: obliviatememorygame.zip (3.14MB)
Preview the game: matchthememory.com/Obliviate

Don’t forget to grab your copy of JK Rowling’s new adult book, The Casual Vacancy, out tomorrow!

~ by acciomagic on September 26, 2012.

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