Red Vines vs. Twizzlers

This is just a post to say I am so excited because I have found a place near me that sells TWIZZLERS.  As an American candy, they’re hard to come by here.  I don’t know… we just have plain, red liquorice which I love.  That said, I hate the black liquorice.  Ugh!  One day soon I am determined to bring home a pack of this (questionably?) delicious snack of TWIZZLERS and try them.  I also want to get my hand on some RED VINES if possible, I’m hoping this same candy place sells them, but I didn’t scan every shelf for them yet.  I must settle this great debate between RED VINES and TWIZZLERS myself!  Joey Richter in particular can’t stand RED VINES, and despite advertising them throughout A Very Potter Musical, he was actually eating TWIZZLERS.  As I haven’t tried either, I can’t judge, so…?  I’ve read people that love one, and hate the other, or hate both, so I’m a bit worried about trying them too!  Take your pick below, tell us your thoughts.

Anyway, an easy, must have party snack for any A Very Potter Musical fans! 😀 (At least, now I’ve found that they are available here, anyway).

~ by acciomagic on July 5, 2012.

One Response to “Red Vines vs. Twizzlers”

  1. Red licorice is my snack of choice for movies (along with popcorn, of course) and I’m extremely, so I know a strangely large amount about the brands. Personally, I like Red Vines more, although I can eat some Twizzlers. Twizzlers (in my opinion) has a stronger fake-cherry taste and isn’t as thick and chewy as Red Vines. Either way, it’s a delicious sweet, non-chocolatey snack and I hope you can enjoy them.

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