Parties, Prizes, Props and Puffs

I honestly thought I would’ve made another post by now, but no.  I get lazy.

It’s now less than a year until my maybe-21st Potter party, that is indeed if it’s for my 21st or not.  Celebrated my 20th birthday at the start of the month, though I’m not sure it’s something to celebrate.  I do NOT like adulthood.  I got a Harry Potter wand-pen for my birthday 🙂 I also got Lego Years 5-7 for PC, so I’ve been playing a bit of that.  I just finished Year 5.  Er, that was about it.  The rest was money to help pay for driving lessons and tests.  The joys of learning to drive.  Now, if it were Mr Weasley’s enchanted car… or a broomstick…

You’re probably all expecting posts from me (or not.  Despite the fact it says I have 7 followers, I don’t know who of these are active.  SAY HELLO TO ME AND POST A COMMENT OR TWO!!!  I don’t bite xD).  Being 4 days left of June, I am thoroughly excited for myHogwarts which has just got to be opening any day… and WrockBOX.  I must try and remind myself that classes at Hogwarts don’t start ’til September, so there will still be a bit of waiting to do but OMG.  I need to go and buy myself a notebook, I think.

I did buy myself a kind of notebook the other day.  A diary, so to speak.  Stumbled across it at The Reject Shop for a bargain price of $4.  I didn’t even know it existed, so it’s a pretty cool find.  It’s got the Hogwarts crest on each of the pages.  Haven’t opened it yet.  I don’t know whether to keep it for myself or use it as a prize for the party.  I think it’s very pretty and I love it – yay for Hermione! – but I do know that I’d never use it.  It’s just a thing that always happens to me.  I have at least half a dozen notebooks that have gone untouched.  I don’t like writing on those clean, fresh pages.  So this as a prize is very tempting.  Even though I want to keep it.  Suggestions? 😛

I also managed to get down to the second hand shop, finally, and picked up half a dozen old, thick hardcovers that I want to cover with HP textbooks from the RPF.  I’ve measured them up, but I don’t want to use my own printer, so there’ll still be a bit of a wait on them.  I am still waiting on my brother to build me a box so I can make this shadow box idea that I’ve had for months; I reminded him the other day about it and he said he’d forgotten, so hopefully that’ll come soon.  Had a few other odds and ends happening – a few very tempting but not so easy ideas.  Still wanting to start adding labels to my potions jars, and so much exciting stuff!  So.  Much.  Ink.  I really kind of need the props n things (boxes, bottles, books) first so I know how much to measure up before I do anything, unfortunately, and then probably get it printed professionally in batches so the expense doesn’t seem so much.  Sound like a good idea?  I think so.

For those of you who haven’t yet seen it, please check out my new Hufflepuff Pride post in the side menu, or click here.  This will be a new permanent link on my blog.  As a Hufflepuff myself, I think it’s something people need to take into more consideration, and understand exactly what a Hufflepuff is and what it stands for.  It’s quite lengthy, but I really wanted to push forward my point that no matter where you are sorted, you will, somehow, belong.  Please share it with your friends 🙂

~ by acciomagic on June 26, 2012.

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