Borgin and Burkes… maybe? Opinions wanted!

3 posts in 1 week definitely indicates assessment procrastination.

Anyway, I need your help.  I’ve been doing some thinking.  I am not a fan of Dark Arts.  But hey, everyone loves Defence Against the Dark Arts, and without Dark Arts, that subject wouldn’t exist. 😛 I’ve been somewhat inspired by this InkHeart cake (looks good enough to eat, right?).  Now, I don’t know anything about InkHeart, but it just reminds me of a book one might find in the Restricted Section of the library.  I don’t know about you, but that scene in Philosopher’s Stone with the screaming face coming out of the book just freaked me out when I was little.  This is a little less sinister, just a hand creeping out of the middle, right?  Anyway, I’ve been debating whether to make something similar to this InkHeart cake into a prop (not a cake).  If I could find a nice thick book, add some words about dark arts, it’d all be good, right? 😛 Mind you, I don’t know what I’d write.. but I don’t know… I kind of like the idea?

The only reason this really appeals to me though is because during Grade 11 at high school (3 and a half years ago now) I made some clay hand sculptures that I never really liked and that I still have sitting in a drawer.  I’d never really done a lot of clay work before, so these were my first pieces and you know what first pieces are always like.  I have 3.  One is the “practice” model I did that was small, horrible and unpainted.  I’d always wanted to throw it out but for some reason I never did.  That one currently has a broken off finger.  This is the sculpture I would use to make this prop, if I were to make it.  For a start – that first finger is already broken off 😉 It was labelled the “monkey hand” by my friends ’cause it just looked so… silly, I guess. 😛 Anyway, it’s kinda raw and horrible but I figured… I dunno… it could work?  Mind, I don’t know how I would do it.  Would gluing each finger to the page be enough to hold it in place?  Probably not…  I also wouldn’t like the idea (or have the space) of keeping such a creepy book (that would have to stay stuck open) so I would likely chuck it or give it away after the party… I think.  But this is a broken clay sculpture that I’ve been thinking of chucking anyway… Thoughts?

The other two hands I made were larger and slightly better.  They were strong, masculine hands that showed a struggle.  That said, again, they weren’t exactly what I had in mind.  It took weeks in Art class to carefully carve them out how I wanted, and each finger kept breaking off multiple times, and when it was all finished and hardened, they just turned out fully creepy.  Which was not my first intention.  Not only that, the teacher took it upon herself to paint the hands for me.  It was only ever a quick rush job as she was helping everyone in the class finish off their sculptures at the time, and so they were painted a solid deep brown colour which I never liked.  They were sitting in a wooden frame with the fingers posed over some chicken wire, this has since been thrown out so all that remains are these 2 creepy hands.  And I’ve been thinking… Hand of Glory, anyone?

The Hand of Glory, as seen in Borgin and Burkes (reference pictures here and here) looks completely different to my hand sculptures below.  But I was wondering if I could/should somehow modify them (or one of them) to maybe… highlight the creepiness some more.  I don’t want to work with clay again and I don’t have the materials to do so so; I wouldn’t be able to reposition the hand or make a new one or anything, but *shrug* what do you think?  Would a coat of paint and a price tag be enough to remind you of this ever creepy item sold in Borgin and Burkes?  Or would you need the deep etchings and nails to be convinced?  Or is the hand positioning just so wrong that it would never look okay?  This is the question I pose to you 😀

And if anyone is good with this sort of thing…

  • Can you use normal acrylic paint over something that’s been glazed (at least… I think it has?? 😐 Hasn’t it?)
  • What could you use to carve/scratch the surface of the [hardened/fired clay] to create a wrinkled skin effect?
  • What would you use to make nails, or would you buy and paint fake ones people wear? 😛
  • Would it be okay to just “snap” the remaining fingers off the first sculpture?
  • Can this clay be glued to paper?

Share your comments! 😀

~ by acciomagic on May 20, 2012.

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