Thinking back on all the sweaters, robes and ties I bought

Then again maybe not.  Actually, I’ve never bought any Potter sweaters, robes or ties 😦 Except for my Hufflepuff tie I was finally granted at Christmas.  I wore my tie when I went to Harry Potter The Exhibtion, but it just looked horrible and wrong against my blue HP shirt.

I doubt this post will be exciting to anyone but me, but I’m still on a hype after going shopping this morning and coming home with a t-shirt.  I loathe clothes shopping, but today, I was out for something special.  And I was so paranoid that I would get it home and it wouldn’t fit me, but alas, it fit nicely.

It was just a plain school shirt.  Long sleeved.  White.  $12.  Bargain.


This is just 2 quick (shocking) photos I took.  Lumos?  Now I’m finally starting to look like a Hogwarts student.  I was debating whether to wear the plain black vest with it or not.  I wasn’t planning to, but I don’t have a robe yet nor any black jumpers, and I think the black kinda makes it, so I’m not sure yet.  I think Neville and Seamus are the only ones seen wearing vests soo yeah, but I think it looks alright? 😛 Maybe?  What do you think?  Then again it’ll probably be too hot to wear the vest anyway.  But I now have something proper to wear to Supanova (and my future party) 😀 And it was soo exciting for me because in all my years of Potter fandom, I’ve never felt truly able to dress up without my shirt and tie.  Now in 3 months, I have both 😀 I think robes are definitely next on the list…

~ by acciomagic on March 26, 2012.

3 Responses to “Thinking back on all the sweaters, robes and ties I bought”

  1. Haha, Lumos, or Expecto Patronum! 😀

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