A Very Aussie myHogwarts Pottermore Musical

Just felt like writing up a quick post before I went to bed 🙂 I got into myHogwarts yesterday which was pretty exciting.  When creating your profile you have to pick out your birthday.  It is automatically set to Harry’s birthdate – July 31, 1980 – I thought that was a cool 😛 There’s not much to do at the moment, but there’s still that thrill you feel when you’re sorted into a dorm room.  It was one of the features I hadn’t actually heard about, but I think it’s such a neat idea.  You are put into a group with 9 other random people from your house, people from around the world you’ve never met before.  Some concerns about privacy have been raised, but I like it.  I like the idea that you can’t choose who you will be put with, just as Harry and his classmates couldn’t choose.  It gives you an opportunity to meet new people and interact with them.

Orientation was also an eye-opener.  Well, it wasn’t really.  I’d already heard about everything.  However, something about that Starkid page made me finally look them up on Youtube.  I’d heard of A Very Potter Musical from time to time.  I think I even tried watching it once, but annoying giggling girls too loud over the audio put me off.  Anyway, reading about them in Orientation.  SOMETHING made me decide to go and check them out properly this time.  Maybe it was the “less than $150”.  Maybe it was the group photo.  Whatever it was, the next minute I knew I was sitting there, laughing along with the giggly girls.  Say hello to the newest Starkid/AVPM fan 😀 Finished watching it this evening, it’s amazing!  Sure, the quality’s not the best, but the content?  For a near 3 hour show?  It’s funny and it’s totally awesome. 😀 I finally understand where the phrase “What the hell is a Hufflepuff?” came from.

I’ve seen a few people complaining about myHogwarts – well actually, only one person – which really frustrated me.  They said that there was nothing on it except for a “playlist of terrible wrock”, a site of everything that already exists and they instead prefer to wait for the rest of Pottermore to open up, which is fair enough.  For those that aren’t in myHogwarts yet, I don’t think I’m spoiling anything by saying that the only thing beta testers can do so far is enter a dorm, add friends and post on walls – similar to all the social networking sites.  However, they also have an incredible page for beta comments, suggestions and bugs which lists all of the current issues people are aware of and it’s not just for the volunteers, anyone can view them.  I think this is a very good thing.  In this way, they can focus on addressing these comments on one section of the site at a time before moving onto a different part of the site.  This is what beta is all about, it’s about fixing the errors and making it the best it can be in preparation for it’s public opening.

Pottermore on the other hand opened way too early.  Everything was underestimated and full of lag.  Need I mention that it’s … what… how many months late?  5?  6?  In opening?  And they promise us that they’re continually making behind the scenes changes.  The only change I think I’ve seen so far is the points system in potions.  I practised wizard duels and after the huge delay, I didn’t notice anything different.  Pottermore is becoming very house competitive as there’s simply nothing else to do on the site and after 1 week, I was bored.  All the material was read, I’d made 100 potions and suddenly, I didn’t want to make anymore.  The limited message space, the annoying filters, nothing was keeping me there.  And the whole account privacy thing while I understand why it’s there, really puts in a plug in trying to connect with other fans.

Of course, the two sites are completely different and shouldn’t be compared.  I worry that with Pottermore, once all 7 books are out and all the new info is released, it’ll go back to it’s static state where nothing happens.  With myHogwarts, I’m guaranteed that there’s over 100 volunteers submitting content (as opposed to 1 author).  There’ll be professors teaching weekly classes and there’ll be work to do to keep you coming back each day, week or month, depending on what suits your schedule.  There’ll be a library full of content and fan fiction for endless reads and entertainment.  If there’s one thing I’ve learnt in the last year, it’s how huge and amazing the Potter fandom is.  And I think that’s what myHogwarts is really about.  It’s for the fans, by the fans.  They know what we want.  It’s about connecting with the fans.  The “Wizard Cities”.  It doesn’t matter if not all the people on WrockBOX can sing.  Okay, I might’ve liked 3 songs in the first 20 I listened to, but maybe it’s about the lyrics.  If the lyrics are bad, it doesn’t matter.  Because people are out there giving it a go.  They have a passion.  We have a passion.  We want to share it with the world.  The rest of the site will come out, and it will get bigger and it will grow and I think it’s going to be a real success.

Anywho, I really should get to bed.  With any luck, I shall be posting again later today with a finish artwork.  Maybe.  What can I say?  What with myHogwarts, WrockBOX, AVMP and me crafting again, I’m definitely in a Harry mood.  Gotta awaken the Potter fandom in Oz! (Okay, so something as big as the fan cons in the US and the UK might be a bit too ambitious at the moment :P)

~ by acciomagic on March 20, 2012.

3 Responses to “A Very Aussie myHogwarts Pottermore Musical”

  1. I unfortunately missed the MyHogwarts Beta train, it left the station while I was distracted trying to attach my owl cage to my trunk. Anyway, from what I’ve heard comparing it to Pottermore is really like comparing apples to oranges. MyHogwarts is designed to be more of a social network whereas Pottermore is specifically disigned NOT to be a social network.

    You will have people disappointed in both, but something tells me simply by scale MORE people will be disappointed in Pottermore.

  2. how do you put your birthday date there? It keeps saying that I have to take a valid date!

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