Felt Frames and Reindeer

So, the countdown is on ’til Christmas!  Hope you’ve all been listening to Jingle Spells?  Hehe.  One of my Potter friends, Steph, recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and I’d like to congratulate her 🙂 I do believe Mum and bub are doing well.  The other day, I decided to get out my crafting tools and set about making a small cardboard frame.  I had some light pink felt left over from a past project which was just enough for the size I wanted!  Some time later, this was the finished result:

I may have used a bit too much craft glue in some places, because glue stains remained underneath the ribbon.  I also managed to spill a bit of black paint above the button, and the felt was so light that you can see a tinge of the cardboard underneath.  However, I think it gives it a nice kind of worn, wizardy feeling, and I love it 🙂  It measures 11×11 cm, with space for a 6×6 cm photo.  The muggle-born text was printed off the computer and torn, with paint lightly brushed over the edges.  The miniature wand was made out of a skewer, carved out a little with an exacto knife and painted, slightly distressed by then wiping the said paint off while it was still wet.

It was so simple to make, so let me know what you think! 🙂 I also wanted to share with you a video tour of a Potter party, by Youtube user fundafilms.  It looks amazingly awesome, and so much time and effort was put into it.  If you’re looking at Christmas specials in stores, I must say, when going around looking at Christmas lights every year, my favourite has always been the moving reindeer rope lights.  Ever since I was a kid, I wanted our front lawn lit up with dazzling lights, or at least a reindeer,  and this video gives me reason to go out a buy one – ’cause a reindeer and a stag look pretty similar, right? 😛 Such a great idea!  And I must say, their Honeydukes is awesome!  The whole house was decorated for the occasion, with educational decrees used for prohibited rooms.  A fantastic job!

~ by acciomagic on December 12, 2011.

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