Accio Pencils!

This blog is trial and error, and this post might have been more error, but I haven’t decided.  This idea came from FagXarT on DeviantART.  They are the cutest little pencils!  A writer can never have too many pencils.  See his designs below.

I thought, these seem simple enough.  He’s scratched the paint off the pencils, painted the ends, etched in a lightning bolt scar and written the spells in a Lumos-style font.  Piece of cake.

Eh, I have credit to him.  Mine didn’t seem nearly as pretty.

I have more unused pencils and obviously many more untaken spells, but I decided to stop.  There’s got to be another way to do this, that I just haven’t discovered.  Possibly, I might try some sort of different design.  But I’ll give you a rundown, anyway.  I grabbed  pack of those yellow school pencils, you know, the ones no one ever buys because they’re the cheapest and usually break easily?  Well, they were the cheapest.  And just about the only ones that were nice and plain, simple, and with white erasers on the end.  So I took them home.  Started scratching off the yellow paint with a pair of scissors, until I finally got my hands on some sandpaper!  Sanded back all the yellow paint.  I was left with a fair amount of very fine shavings. 😛

Using an exacto knife, I then proceeded to carve lightning bolt scars into the ends.  Harder than it sounds.  I couldn’t get any of them nice and even, though when you’re working on a 5mm surface, can you blame me?  Anyway, if I was to do it again, I wouldn’t carve it in.  Probably cut out a stencil and paint it.  Or draw it on in pen to match the spells.  If you do decide to do this, you must be very careful when cutting towards yourself.  Try to avoid it.

Then it was just a matter of picking out colours and painting the ends of the pencils, including the erasers and inside the engraved lightning bolt.  Once I gave it a bit to dry, I then took the knife again and scratched away at the paint to give it a rough look, particularly scratching out the paint on the outside of the lightning, to make it stand out more.  Didn’t 100% work, but… thought that counts? 😛

Thinking about it now, actually writing on the spells and trying to mimic the Lumos font was the easiest part.  At one point, I tried to create letter stamps.  Yeah, I know, again, it wasn’t my best idea because it didn’t work and I don’t want to put anyone else through that pain (though for those of you lovely gifted stamp-making people, go ahead) 😛 Here’s a list of all the spells in Harry Potter you might find useful.  Of course, you don’t have to use spells.  Characters, creatures.  Your choice 🙂 Just make sure you don’t smudge or touch it for a while.  Some of mine bled a bit or just.. weren’t in line with the other characters… or were to close to the other characters… or were unreadable unless you looked at the whole word…

I just thought that if I was going to have a party, I couldn’t have my guests using any old muggle pens and pencils.  They needed specialist wizard writing equipment.  This would be for filling in answers to quizzes, marking scores, etc. though you could also use them as party favours (certainly don’t think I’ll be giving away this hideous lot!).  For more fun, when handing out pencils, let guests pick which one they want and have them state what the spell is used for.  It gets tricky when you reach the harder spells like Densaugeo and Ferula 😉

~ by acciomagic on November 21, 2011.

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