Somebody turn on the light. Lumos!

I have one word to say: holidays!!

Which means there should be more activity on this blog 🙂 Woohoo!  Working on several items to share with you, but it’s late and I wanted to show you this nifty idea.  Harry Potter light switches.  Yup, you would’ve have thought it.  Some are really simple, but others are cuutee!  Check out these:

Credits (in order):  Kayleigh, tiamatfire, Angela, Jessica, Sam, USMCWIFEthelegendwrit

You can buy light switch covers from hardware stores.  Although, for simple party matters, I don’t suggest replacing all the light switches in the house 😛 But I do like the idea of temporary, easily removable ones… that is, sticky notes!  Or paper.  And blue tack.  Even masking tape.  I think the first and last light switches pictured could be easily done this way and adds a nice little touch.  The only thing that seems a bit out of whack to me is that all our light switches here are kind of… upside down?  To turn them on, you flick the switch down.  So mine would have Nox at the top, and Lumos at the bottom, which seems a bit backward compared to these ones!  The Hogwarts Express one is so creative, don’t you think? 🙂  But a simple Lumos and Nox labeling the light switches I think would add a nice feel, and so simply done 🙂

~ by acciomagic on November 19, 2011.

One Response to “Somebody turn on the light. Lumos!”

  1. Muito legal, principalmente o do expresso hogwarts.
    Estou pensando em customizar o interruptor do meu qwuarto desse jeito.

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