Who needs SingStar? I’ve got WrockStar!

I thought it was about time I shared with you what I’ve been making in a kind of, well, trailer.  Many of you will probably have heard of SingStar, a competitive music video game series available for PlayStation.  Some of you, like me, will never have really played it, most likely because you don’t own a PlayStation.  Basically, you get a whole bunch of music videos with on-screen lyrics, microphones and you get together with friends to sing, dance and have crazy fun, battling and singing solos and duets.  I don’t even know how this idea came to me but about a month or two ago, I was thinking “How awesome would it be if there was a WrockStar?”

I actually only really got into Wrock in July this year with the release of Deathly Hallows Part 2.  Wrock, or Wizard Rock, has been around since 2002, with the first band, Harry and the Potters.  As Wikipedia says, “Wizard rock bands are characterized by their performances and humorous songs about the Harry Potter universe.”    There are now over 750 wizard rock bands which is absolutely sensational!  They embrace a do-it-yourself ethic, and so many of the bands are unknown artists, some now venturing away from Wrock into their own music.  Some will have only written a handful of songs and died out, never to be heard from again.  Others like the Ministry of Magic, The Remus Lupins and Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls have become quite popular.  Many perform in libraries and some at conventions – Leakycon, Wrockstock, The Hallows and Horcruxes Ball…

And you know, while there’s some great artists, there’s also some not so good ones.  It happens with every genre of music.  But I don’t think that matters.  ‘Cause at its core is just this huge bunch of fans singing these crazy songs (and some truly powerful songs) about the amazing world that J.K. Rowling created.  I’ve never been to a Wrock concert and I don’t think there’s any coming to Australia anytime soon, but you can watch the videos and just feel the energy and passion of the crowd pulling you in with it.  And what amazes me is that everyone seems to know each other.  All the bands know each other and they know each others songs and they become fans of other Wrock bands and everyone’s just so supportive.  Just as the Harry Potter books and movies have bought fans together, Wrock has done the same thing.  I love it!  I tell you I’ve never ever liked dancing, absolutely hate it and completely avoid it at weddings and even my Grade 12 formal.  This music gives me other intentions, and that’s saying something 😛 I only regret not getting into it sooner.   That said, it means its all still fresh and new to me and I’m still discovering different bands and awesome songs.

Anyway, my latest obsession aside, I started work making lyric videos of a bunch of these songs with both official music videos and live videos.  I initially only planned on making 10 or so.  ‘Til I discovered more, and I finished with 35.  Pushing it for the DVD limit with all my added menus… 8.5/8.5 GB of space used.  I find I spend all day singing to it.  There are some key differences between my version and the SingStar ones.  Firstly, mine isn’t professional!  Just from the 7 years of experience I’ve had at making videos 😛 Secondly, while I have a bar that highlights the lyrics as they come on the screen, I do not have the additional bars indicting how high or low one should be singing, nor do I have the nice compliments (and insults) appearing at the end of every line.  It also does not give you a preview of the next line before you have to sing it, it just comes at you.  Thirdly, it is for use on DVD players, and as such does not have connecting microphones (though I’m sure you could probably connect them somehow anyway).  This means that your singing ability is not judged at the end of each song.  However, I have come up with a list of 60 randomised scores between 100-1000, rated between Troll and Outstanding.  😀 This means that after every performance you are still given a score, despite it being random and you having no control over it. 😛 Which means the game is still fun and competitive!

Now the only problem I can foresee is that my friends don’t know what wizard rock is, and as such don’t know any of the songs to sing along… despite the lyrics being there, one might be put off if they are trying to sing a song they’ve never heard of before… but I’ve got between now and an un-dated party to sort that out 😛

~ by acciomagic on November 12, 2011.

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