Georgina and Evanna – 2x Awesomeness

On Saturday, I had the pleasure of seeing Georgina Leonidas and Evanna Lynch (Katie Bell and Luna Lovegood) at Supanova.  It’s not often that any Harry Potter stars make it to Australia, so I wasn’t going to miss out on the opportunity!  It was pretty awesome (and pretty expensive – $25 entry fee, $30 per autograph, $40 per photo)!  although possibly not as awesome as it could be.  We arrived and spent a good hour or more in a queue to pay for photo and autograph tokens, only to find out that photos with Evanna Lynch were sold out 😦 Very unsatisfying, but understandable I guess!  She was actually the only one I was truly interested in meeting, as most of the other stars that were there featured in random sci-fi movies and things I haven’t seen.  So I paid for my autograph token and from there we had to race to join another line, to get into the theater for a Q&A session they were both doing.

At this point, the line was so long we were doubting whether we would get in but the volunteers assured us we would, that they had fit this many and more in for Tom Felton’s appearance back in April.  While we waited, we took photos.  We didn’t really dress up though hundreds of people do full costumes (makes you feel under dressed!).  It was our first year going so we didn’t really know what to expect.  There were a few people in Harry Potter costumes – a Hagrid, a Quirrel, a Rita and half a dozen Hogwarts students, but by and large the costumes were of other randoms with no connection to the wizarding world (shocking, I know :O)

Photo: Me!  Tutorial on how to make the necklace coming soon.

The Q&A was really exciting to listen to.  While I could swear the first and last questions asked (and a few in between) were all (annoyingly) along the lines of “what advice would you give to aspiring actors?”, there were some good ones asked, including “What is your Pottermore username?” to Evanna.  Everyone cracked up and applauded and sadly she couldn’t tell us, although apparently her potions skills aren’t too great.  They were also asked what characters they would play if they couldn’t have Katie and Luna.  I can’t for the life of me remember Georgina’s response, but Evanna was set on the fact that she would have to start a fight with someone if anyone else was to take Luna’s role.  Neither of them wanted to replace the other actors that do such a great job.  Another question was asked if either of them had taken any props from set, to which they both said no (although Evanna had taken um… something… I’m doing a terrible job here at retelling, aren’t I?) and if they didn’t, what would they take which they both said their wands.  Evanna went on to explain the differences between her 2 wands… her first, original wand being the wand with carvings in it that can now only be bought in a set of Dumbledore’s Army wands, and the 2nd wand that Ollivander made her in Deathly Hallows, that is being sold everywhere else.

There were the basic questions of what’s it like to finish with filming.  Favourite scene they had acted in.  Georgina said the curse-scene in HBP, because of the amount of fun she had with the equipment they used to fling her into the air, etc.  Evanna said she particularly loved the wedding scene in DH, where she got to act and dance with Rhys/Xenophilius and share the Lovegood strangeness.  There was a moment when she first walked on set and saw Rhys in costume and without thinking, without acting, called out to her Daddy 😛 Can’t really remember what else was said, but I’ll be sure to update this if I think of something!  Unfortunately, I didn’t get any good photos of this as they just turn out too dark and blurred, however my brother should have some good photos on his high quality camera, so I will change this photo later when he uploads them.

After that we stayed for Christopher Lloyd’s Q&A (I wasn’t really interested in this, as I er… haven’t seen any of his movies) and then it was straight into massive long hours and hours worth of waiting in queues for photos and autographs.  The whole place was a mess as it was impossible to tell which lines were which and where they ended – didn’t help that the volunteers couldn’t tell us either – but eventually got in the right line.  While I waited, my sister-in-law went off and got a photo with Georgina.  The poor girl was sitting at the signing table drinking water as everyone seemed only interested in seeing Evanna (and for the price, I can’t really blame them).  Turned out to be a really nice photo though, I’ve cropped it here.  She was asked if they had yet seen koalas and kangaroos here in Australia, to which her response was yes.  They had both been to the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary in Brisbane the day before.

We weren’t allowed to take photos (although we did try) of the actors in the signing line, and come 3.00 there’s still massive queues and everyone’s tired, so we weren’t allowed to ask for at-the-desk photos or hugs, either.  We could however, ask questions.  Evanna’s comment on Twitter: “What signs in Brisbane airport should really read is: ‘Welcome to Australia: The Land of Rectangular-Shaped Weetabix’. Breakfast amazed me.” prompted my sister-in-law to ask what shape their Weetbix are.  She responded, drawing a quick little diagram, that they were kind of sausage-shaped 😛 Haha, strange!  I asked what her favourite magical creature was, and after some thinking she decided on the Phoenix.  Then asked me.  And I, completely stumped on my response, could come up with nothing better than “I don’t know…” though thinking back now, I would probably have to say Thestrals.  Was pretty cool, although I’m slightly annoyed that I’d bought a silver Sharpie for her to sign my dark photo with, then neglected to get it out, having noticed there was a silver pen on the table… only to have her sign in black before I could blink.  So the autograph is a little hard to read, but hey, it’s an autograph!

They’re both really lovely people and it was a pleasure to meet them 🙂 We took a quick look at the stands.  The Quidditch Association of QLD was there promoting Quidditch games and a Yule Ball event.  We saw 2 other HP stands which had some lovely drool-worthy merchandise, but was also overpriced (wands, $60) and for that I’d rather buy the items online.  Also drooled over a James and Oliver Phelps autograph ($95!) , Deathly Hallows film cells (in the range of $400!).  Was a great day though despite spending… 4 hours ? in queues, not buying any of the much-wanted merchandise and not getting the photo with Evanna 🙂

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