Guess Who? It’s me again, the Muggle Student

I know, I’ve been slow on the posts lately.  But this will change very soon, I promise!  I can assure you I have been working on crafts, and I hope to share with you one of my major projects late this week or early next, that I’ve spent the last few weeks working on.  As for my assignment (the manual), I’ve been working on it all night and it’s looking good.  Turns out the whole potions recipe just wasn’t working for me, so I changed it to something better.  Dragons! 😀 Now how many people can honestly say they’ve written an assignment on Dragons?  Pretty cool if I can keep up with that HD I got for the brochure.  I’ll be sure to share it with you after I receive my results back.

Today’s post was an idea thanks to Shae, and is a custom board game of the popular game “Guess Who?”

Her original creation can be seen here with the instructions and images posted on The Leaky Cauldron.  I didn’t have access to the proper “Guess Who?” game, but I did find an old “Who Is It?” game (exactly the same) that we used to play as kids.  I edited the cards slightly to fit to my board, and walla… you have a Guess the Harry Potter character game.

For those of you that don’t know, the idea is to randomly pick a card from the stack.  You and your opponent must take it in turns to guess who their character is.  This is done by asking questions (yes/no answers) based on appearance from the image, and narrowing down your list of candidates.  The difference with this game is that you should all know the characters, and can ask questions based on that knowledge i.e.  “Are you friends with Harry?” Great fun!  I made this about two months ago but haven’t yet had a chance to play it, unfortunately.

Before I dash (it’s 1am!), I wanted to share with you a website I found just over half hour ago.  Haven’t had a chance to properly look at it yet, but I can tell it looks amazing and had me laughing.  It is so insanely awesome, and I have no idea why it doesn’t have the popularity it deserves.

Wizarding Life Magazine is an online source of news for the Wizarding community, written by witches and wizards FOR witches and wizards. We have countless charms installed on our system to make Muggles believe that they’re really looking at a knitting website.

Filled with essentially newspaper articles (and recent ones at that!) about the wizarding community titled headings like “Child Wizard Performs Extraordinary Apparition”, “Centaur Sanctuary Threatened”, “Muggle Snaps Witch’s Wand, Ministry Intervenes”…

It’s crazy, and I love it!  Honestly can’t understand why there’s 0 comments on most of them.  Then again, I’ve hit 1500 posts here and my comments are still on the low side. 😛 I don’t bite, honest.

If you celebrated Halloween, I hope you had a good one!

I’m also hoping to meet Evanna Lynch (the actress that plays Luna Lovegood) at a pop-culture expo on Saturday!  Should be pretty awesome and I look forward to it! 😀

~ by acciomagic on November 2, 2011.

2 Responses to “Guess Who? It’s me again, the Muggle Student”

  1. So jealous you got to meet Evanna! I do hope you write a post about the expo, let us know what it/she was like! ♥

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