Storage Boxes and Pigeon Holes

I fell in love with this collection of photos of the Owl Post Service at the Wizarding World Theme Park, here.  What a simple, effective way of adding in a few extra decorations!  I thought they were so epic looking, like those little pigeon holes you find in the office to collect your mail.  Some of it just looks like rolled up parchment, others neatly wrapped boxes tied with string.  Print off a few envelopes with the Hogwarts crest in the corner and you just know that owls have been here!  These would look especially great if you had the right shelving to fit them on, just as a background decoration to add to the atmosphere of the party 🙂

Chiara has a free PDF of her own design above.

If you’re anything like me, and you’re starting to gather up quite a few party supplies, you may also want to gather a few boxes to put them in, which is nothing, right?  Wrong.  Check out this box MistressBlackwater made on DeviantART.

Effective, hey?  All you need to do is print off the logo on some brown (or white!) kraft paper and wrap it around the box, and you have the perfect storage space 🙂 I have a copy of the logo below which was the best I could find after some editing.  There is so much creativity to be had here with a few simple party props!

Of course, the other option would be to try and replicate one of these cool boxes 😛

Photo courtesy of

~ by acciomagic on October 25, 2011.

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