An Auror Assessment?

I am so sorry for the lack of updates!  I have just had no time, but, thankfully, that should all be wearing down now – yay!!

I’d like to share with you one of my assignments I just got back (no, don’t be scared!  After all this is a Harry Potter blog…) Our task was to write up a brochure.  We could either rewrite an existing brochure we thought was bad, or design a completely new one.  We also had to give full commentary explaining the elements of the brochure itself and repeating back all that icky theory.  They also stated we could do up fictional ones and we were encouraged to do up one that could be put to good use, for example if we knew someone with a family business.  We didn’t have to design the brochure itself, that was entirely optional, we just had to write it up and say what we were putting where.  They stated numerous times that someone who couldn’t draw or design wouldn’t get any fewer marks than someone who could.  Well, I don’t know about that theory, but I could certainly design and why shouldn’t I do something for the blog? I managed to get a HD and I’m very, very happy. 😀 Here’s the completed design below:

It is based off the brochures that Harry, Ron and Hermione are browsing through in the Career Advice chapter of OOTP that was omitted in the movies.  Most of the information has come from the books, although I had to make some of it up and got ideas from a few police brochures.  I thought it would be fantastic if I could do up a few more designs and have them scattered around the place for Curse Breakers at Gringotts and the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes… choices are endless!  The images are owned to Warner Brothers and Pottermore, and I thank Alexis for the image of the quill.

So, our next assignment is to write up either something for the web, or something for a manual (instructions).  Once again we have the option of redoing an existing, flawed web page / manual, or we can create our own (including fictional, again).  Being 100% serious, I’m considering doing a recipe for one of the Potions seen in Harry Potter, though I’m yet to decide which one.  Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as stealing them all of Pottermore!  I’d have to go into much more depth about the ingredients and how stuff works, and possibly add additional steps in the potion-brewing.  Polyjuice potion, maybe?  Speaking of, how is everyone’s potion-brewing going on Pottermore?  After  the few initial disasters (and problems!) I had, I am pleased to say I’ve mastered Potions Class, having brewed 152 potions, granting me nearly 1400 points for Hufflepuff!

And what happened about that Quidditch game I wanted to go to?  Well… I’m sure it was awesome… but I kind of, er, chickened out.  Oops!  I’m really not good around meeting new people… I need to change that 😛

~ by acciomagic on October 15, 2011.

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  1. That is an awesome brochure! good job!

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