Hedwig Balloon and the RPF

Quite amazingly, we reached an additional 100 views overnight!  I have no real idea why the sudden jump in an extra 80 views, but I won’t complain!  It brings our total view count to 300 muggles (and while no one is really sharing their comments yet, I know the time will come) 😛

So, I found this on Facebook, which I then discovered was all over Google.  It’s another different way of sending out your party invitations, and enabling them to be delivered by Owl Post.  I thought it was a pretty cool idea!  Even if you’re not the most artistic person, the design looks really easy – just get some pens and either brown or white balloons, draw on some squiggly lines and you should get something resembling an owl! 😀 They would make great decorations if you don’t use them for invitations (or even if you do!)

Is this your original creation?  Let us know!

I must say there is only 3 weeks left of the university semester, and I seriously cannot wait to chuck away all those assignments and start properly bringing life to this blog with more of my own creations.  A group of students at our university have also just started their own Quidditch group, and while I missed the first game on Friday, I hope to catch the next one this week!  Watching people run around on brooms has surely got to be more exciting than football.

Before I leave, I have got to share with you The Replica Prop Forum (RPF), in particular, this Harry Potter Paper Props thread.  It is absolutely AMAZING, I highly recommend it if your planning a party or are after some free paper props.   People there try to replicate things from the books and movies, from books to potions labels, and there’s some beautiful artwork and some very convincing props there for your convenience!  I have a pretty good feeling I will be pulling out a lot of their work for this party (and perhaps a trip to Officeworks! :O That’s a lot of printing I’m not sure my printer will handle!  Plus, it will be cheaper to pay to get them printed, then to spend the money in inks for our own printer.  Something you may want to consider as well if you’re going full out like I am).  While most of the props are listed in the first post, there are other great materials scattered throughout the 160 pages.


~ by acciomagic on October 9, 2011.

One Response to “Hedwig Balloon and the RPF”

  1. I saw this ages ago and was unfortunately busy, so I didn’t have the time to comment then. I absolutely *love* this idea. It’s very clever, cute and original! I may have to steal it if I ever have the good luck to throw my own Harry Potter party.

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