I finally finished playing HP Lego Years 1-4 today 🙂 I bought it back at the start of July in a spur of the moment, on special for a bargain price of $20.  I’d seen a few trailers and videos on Youtube before and I thought this is so silly, I’ll never be able to sit through this game… but turns out I did, and I loved it!  The humorous take on all the cut scenes is great.  There is so much content and things to do – and while you are restricted in 6 levels per year, you have so much freedom with what characters you want to play, etc.  I really enjoyed it, despite the odd glitch – including the ones stopping me from completing the game 100% (I’m stuck on 97.8%, unable to get my last 2 gold bricks in 2 bonus levels to unlock Harry’s Destiny and the Lord Voldemort token).  Must say I’ll definitely be getting Years 5-7, though I may wait for the specials again 😛

So I have a question for you.  If all goes to plan and I have a sort of ‘games hour’, I was thinking of having some rotating board games where people join and leave a game as they like and rotate through different ones.  That is, if I end up with a lot of guests.  If I only have a small number, then we could rotate through the games as a whole.  Anyway, if I could have a computer set up with just one game, which game would be best, and should it be preset on a particular level?  In this way, guests can come and go and just play pieces of a game to add to their mood.

I personally have never played HBP or the DH games, nor Lego Years 5-7 obviously as they aren’t out yet!  A few years ago I had a friend host a party and they played Quidditch World Cup through the TV, but if you set up a laptop or something, I think it’d make for some fun!  I like the idea of multiplayer option on the Lego games, and the freeplay mode, but that said I think OOTP is pretty good in that way as well, and GOF as it is a play-by-level sort of game (though it is by far my least favourite!).  Of course now, a lot of people have the Wii games, so if that’s an option for you, that’s fantastic!

I am hoping for a game of Harry Potter Scene It! so the TV will sort of be preoccupied, depending on how I decide to organise the games.  I can also burrow Harry Potter Cluedo, so I think I’ve got a nice little start so far.  Add in a deck of Harry Potter cards, maybe some exploding snap and you’ll be right!  Don’t know yet if I’ll be able to get my hands on a chessboard, and in any case I don’t think it would be too popular.  I think a lot of people find it a difficult game to play, me included!  I still don’t know how to play, really.  But I can play Wizards Chess on the OOTP game, mainly because it shows me where I can and can’t move, so that’s another option available.  What are your favourite games?

~ by acciomagic on September 25, 2011.

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  1. The lego harry potter games are just amazing, cannot wait for the next instalment! PHWORE

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