The first unlikely wand

First off, I must say that Pottermore is absolutely AMAZING!  The illustrations are so beautiful and the information so rich and detailed.  I’m taking my time exploring, and was only just sorted last night (admittedly, I was procrastinating a bit).  So proud, happy and relieved to be a Hufflepuff! 😀 By far the best part so far, along with visiting Ollivanders’ and reading about the 38 different wand woods!  Needless to say there is a wonderful backstory on McGonagall and I’m sure many characters to come as I explore Hogwarts and classes today 🙂

Now, for a bit of craft!  As I said, this will be quite an experimental blog as I try out crafts that are new to me and work on learning the best techniques.  I had the *cough* smart idea the other day that I wanted to make wands.  The second thing about this blog is that I want anyone to be able to try a hand at these crafts, without worrying about difficult to find materials.  Many people use wooden dowels and there’s a great tutorial on making paper wands I hope to try out later!  But I wanted to make a wand out of a pencil.  Strange, I know.  But I figured, if you’re having a party and you’re making quizzes and playing games and recording scores, you’re going to need some writing implements.  Whether I actually want to keep these “wands” as pencils is another story – because as soon as you paint it and the pencil lead breaks and you sharpen the pencil again, the paint job is ruined.  So in fact, they might not make the best writing implements after all.  But I think they would make great miniature sculptures!

I wanted to start with one of the simplest wands I could find and decided on Draco Malfoy’s.

You will need:

  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Exacto knife
  • Sandpaper
  • Paint

Start by scraping all the paint off the pencil with your scissors (ideally into a container as you will end with a lot of shavings!)

You will then want to draw on your design, just so you know where you’ll be cutting.  Another thing I couldn’t decide on is whether or not I wanted to make the wands to some sort of scale.  Most new pencils are around the 18cm mark and most wands are around 9-14″, although Lucius Malfoy has an 18″.  If making these wands to scale then, you would likely end up with majority of them being 10-12cm which seems a bit puny… but cute?  Example, Draco’s wand is 10″ = 10cm wand.  Needless to say I decided against making this one to scale, though I may still change my mind depending on what people would prefer.

In this design, the whole wand is around the same size, although slightly smaller towards the tip and with 2 raised rings.  Starting from the rings, use the knife to make a cut around the rings.  Then, holding the pencil upright and your fingers away from the blade, use the ridge you’ve just made as a start point to dig into the wood and cut – kind of like slicing up a carrot!

You only want to shave off small layers at a time and keep turning the pencil while you do so.  Be careful not to dig too deeply or you will end up slicing a straight chunk of the pencil and begin making things uneven.

Like I did.  But hopefully once painted, it won’t be as noticeable.

It’ll look alright from a distance.

But close up, it’s kind of clunky, horrible and uneven.  In the first picture, you will see the main part of the wand is smaller than the rings and therefore not touching the board (this is what I wanted).  But when you turn the pencil around on a different angle in the next 2 pictures, you will see it’s uneven and started touching the board.  And a close up of the rings shows they aren’t too neat and clean cut after all.  You may have to gouge deeper if this is the case to make the rings more prominent.

Once you’re done cutting, you’ll wand to sand it all back so you make the surface nice and smooth and ready for painting.  I couldn’t find any sandpaper and won’t til I get to the shops tomorrow, but I read that rocks can be used as an alternative… and it kind of worked, surprisingly!  Nail files also work.  Once you’re happy with how the wand looks, you’ll be ready to paint.

I don’t think mine’s quite up to that stage yet!

Edit:  Click for finished result.

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  1. Thats so cool! I have to try it out!

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