Vault 687

So, I know I was supposed to be doing assignments.  I am.  Really.  But I couldn’t resist with a quick little project (you watch… I’ll start running out of ideas then really leave you running dry – okay – don’t jinx it).  I think it would be so much fun if party guests actually had their own wizard currency to spend!  Y’know all those galleons and sickles and knuts you wish were hidden in your vault at Gringotts.  Well, now you can have your own coins at the cost of some paper, ink, glue and scissors!  These coins are ridiculously simple to make, if you have the patience to go through and make a few dozen… hundred… of each.  Break it up over long periods of time, and it’s bound to be a cinch – right?  The document enclosed gives you a bit more of an insight into their worth and ways you can spend them.

Download the file:  hpcurrency.doc (1.6MB)

~ by acciomagic on August 23, 2011.

2 Responses to “Vault 687”

  1. Sounds like its gonna be one heck of a party! Brilliant idea.. my 18ths coming up next year. May well steal your ideas! x

    • Thanks! 😀 I hope so… I mean, I’m planning early, so think of how much I can get done in the months I have ahead of me for a date (and year!) that is yet unplanned!

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