Owl Post

So you’ve made your invitations, do you know yet how you will deliver them?

I’m certainly still stumped!  As much as I would love to use Owl Post, I am a muggle and must  rely on muggle means.  You may want to hand deliver them, but depending on how many invites you have and how far away your guests are, this may not be an option, so here’s a few more I thought of.

Option 1:

The most obvious option is mail your letters through the post.  I know it doesn’t sound too creative, but it can be!  You’ll find most post offices offer custom stamps you can personalise online.  In Australia, Australia Post  offers a sheet of 20x 60c stamps for $25.  This is just over double what you would pay for regular stamps ($12).  They add a nice personal touch (and then Hedwig really can deliver your mail)!

Option 2:

Invite your friends around, either a few at a time or individually.  Tell them you just need to go and check the letterbox.  Make a few extra envelopes for yourself and say some family and hide their invitation inside the others.  Make sure you hide them in the letterbox before they arrive so you won’t have to sneak anything out.  When you come back in, shuffle through the letters casually saying “Oh look, it’s our Hogwarts letters.  And they’ve bought us yours, as well”.  Hand over their letter, then walk away [trying not to laugh… at least, I would be!]

Option 3:

If it’s a weekend, and there’s no mail and you can’t fool anyone with the letterbox trick, hide the letters in objects around the house.  You may recall in PS, Aunt Petunia finding Harry’s letters in a carton of eggs. Offer your friends a drink, find one in the fridge; show them a new book you bought, find one in the center; put on a DVD, find one in the DVD case, etc.  Be creative!  Act stunned when you find them and say you want your letter!

Option 4:

Hand deliver them.  Leave them in the letterbox, on the doormat or tucked into a window sill.  You may want to knock on their door then try and hide, or simply leave it there and they should – hopefully – eventually find it (imagine their surprise)!  You can also choose to leave a simple origami owl with each letter (examples here and here) although I haven’t tried these designs myself and so do not yet know how well they turn out!

Option 5:

Create a Hedwig balloon!

That’s all I could think of for now.  Do you have any ideas?  Share them in the comments!

~ by acciomagic on August 16, 2011.

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