I’m a what?

A wizard.  And a thumpin’ good one.

Ah, nitwit.  I wish.  I’m just your ordinary muggle, still waiting for my late Hogwarts letter.

You may be wondering why I started this blog.

You see, ever since that midnight screening of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about the magical world.  It is constantly at the forefront of my mind now.  Maybe I’m still grieving.

Anyway, I’ve now had two friends give Harry Potter parties, both interstate and both of which I was unable to attend.  As a result, I’ve been inspired to plan my own extravagant party.  For my 21st, perhaps?  While it’s over a year (and a half) away, there’s no harm in starting the plans early, right?  I mean, I haven’t had a party since I was 10.  Ha!

I can already think of all the amazing decorations and props and games and activities and food and treats I could have!  It would be so much fun, so epic.  And I’ve been getting a bit carried away, to be honest.  I figured what’s the harm in sharing a little of my excitement for a currently non-existing party?  I could share along my ideas as I think of them and give you all the templates you need to host the Perfect Potter Party.

This blog will primarily be a “crafty” sort and I’ll try to post regularly (although knowing my blogs in the past…) I’ll also share along work by others so if you have any comments, suggestions or requests, let me know!

I thought I’d start with the simplest…


Download the file: hpacceptanceinvitation.doc (720KB)

[You will need the following fonts to view the document properly: Garamond, Be Safe]

Edit:  Find a new envelope template here.

~ by acciomagic on August 14, 2011.

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  1. Cool blog!

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